MPL-PH Season 9 Roster Reveal First Part - Official Line-up of ECHO, RSG PH, BREN, and TNC

The roster deadline for the MPL-PH Season 9 has come and the official Facebook page of MPL Philippines started announcing the official line-up of the teams. In a day, the page is posting 2 line-ups, starting from the lower placers of the previous season. Here are the official roster of the previous 5th to 8th place.


TNC is the 8th placer in the previous season's Regular Season. They are aiming for a higher finish this season and changed a lot in their roster. The mainstays are Benthings and SDzyz (former IGN is Chuuu) and will now team up with the rising stars, ESCALERA, Kramm, KingSalman, and Yasuwo.


At the same day as TNC, the BREN Esports line-up was also revealed. The M2 Champions Pheww, Lusty, and Flap stayed while the rest rookies with the sophomore, Malik. They have 6 rookies to complete their 10-man line-up. The rookies are Saxa, SUPER MARCO, JOY BOY, Pandora, Stowm, and Jowm.


The next day, the roster of the 5th-6th placers, RSG PH and ECHO were announced. RSG-PH is the 6th placer in the regular season last Season 8. They acquired Light and Kousei to join the previous members, Heath, Kenji, EMANN, Aquaboy, Exort, Nathzz, Demonkite, and Wrecker.


Meanwhile, ECHO formed a so-called Superteam after acquiring KarlTzy, Yawi, and 3MarTzy. They will be joining Rafflesia, KurtTzy, BennyQt, Rk3, Aaronqt, and Hadess. Killuash also returned for the ECHO 10-man line-up. This new roster will definitely push their chance to improve their last season performance wherein they finished 5th place in the Regular Season.

As of writing this article, the line-up of the other teams is yet to be announced in the official Facebook Page of MPL Philippines. Another two are expected to be announced later while the MPL-PH Season 8 and M3 Grand Finalist teams will be officially revealed the next day.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!