MPL-PH Season 9 Roster Reveal Second Part - Official Line-up of the top four teams last season

The roster of the 1st to 4th place finishers in Season 8 was announced in the official Facebook page of MPL Philippines within two days after revealing the line-up of the other four teams for Season 9. As usual, in a day, the page is posting 2 line-ups, based on their rankings of the previous season. Here are the official roster of BLCK, ONIC, NXPE, and OMG for the upcoming MPL-PH Season 9.


Omega Esports retained E2Max, Kielvj, Renzio, Ch4knu, Z4pnu, Kelra, Raizen, and Allidap. This season, they added Outplayed and Amethyst as their rookies for Season 9. This team is looking forward to improve their previous 4th place finish in Regular Season and 3rd place in Playoffs.


Nexplay EVOS had a major revamp in their roster. Their mainstays will be H2wo, Renejay, Hesa, and Yellyhaze. Dogie will be back in the coaching role with Zico. S4gitnu will also be back in the pro scene as part of this team along with the rookies, Cadenza, MP, Elpizo, URESHIII, and Donut.


ONIC PH made no changes in their roster. They will be battling this season with the same 8-man line-up of Baloyskie, Dlarskie, Kairi, Markyyyyy, Hatred, Beemo, Ryota, and Micophobia. Coach Yebmeister will still be theit head coach with the assistant coaches TREBOR and 2ez.


The reigning champion Blacklist International will sit out the VeeWise duo this season. Hadji, Edward, and OHEB will remain and will be joined by their rookie Kevier. DEXSTAR And ESON will also remain in their line-up. Even with these changes, they are still looking forward for a three-peat!

This summarizes the roster of the teams for the upcoming MPL-PH Season 9. The regular season is scheduled to begin on February 18, 2022. The roster deadline is already over and thus no expected future changes for the line-up of the teams throughout the season.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!