MPL-PH Season 9 Week 6 Regular Season Results - Some teams are already playoffs secured!

This is the sixth week of Mobile Legends Professional League - Philippines Season 9 Regular Season. After this, there is just one quarter of regular season to go! Some teams also already secured their playoffs spot. Here are the results for the MPL-PH S9 Regular Season Week 6.


The week started with the RSG PH Vs. Bren Esports (BREN) series. RSG swept this series again, 2-0, adding 3 points to their record. This was also the same result when they met on Week 2.

Nexplay EVOS (NXPE) failed to upset the current defending champions which is the Blacklist International (BLCK) in an intense 3-game series. BLCK won 2-1 as they start up their week with a victory. On week 2, NXPE won this 2-1 but now BLCK won and got two points to NXPE's one point.


The second day started with TNC VS. ECHO which are both part of the top 3 teams currently. TNC managed to win this time as they won 2-1 against ECHO that defeated them the other way around on week 2. TNC adds another 2 points to their record which secured them a playoffs spot. ECHO also managed to already secured their spot with this additional one point.

ONIC PH ended their week with a loss against Bren Esports. ONIC's next series will be next week. BREN managed to sweep ONIC PH, 2-0, to catch up to the current standings. ONIC not getting a point in this series eventually led them to fall to 5th spot at the end of week 6.

Omega (OMG) faced RSG PH to end Day 2. RSG won again, 2-1, while OMG just got enough point to keep them from falling. OMG remains at the 7th seed while RSG already secured their playoffs spot.


Day 3 opened with a great series as Blacklist International, the defending champion, faced the ECHO squad. ECHO swept Blacklist International, 2-0, just like in their first meeting on Week 2. BLCK remains as the current 6th seed.

The week ended with BREN losing against NXPE. BREN was swept thus NXPE gained 3 points, making NXPE rise up again in the current standings while BREN remains at the bottom. NXPE is now back at 4th seed.

Here is the standings after Week 6:


ECHO, TNC, and RSG already secured their playoffs spot after getting 21 points. OMG and BREN needs to step up their game to keep their playoffs chance alive.

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