MPL-PH Update: From ULVL to New Brand Name Blufire!

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    The roster of the 7th-8th placer from the MPL-PH Season 5 will enter Season 6 with a new team brand named as Blufire. Here are also the roster changes made just in time before the MPL-PH Qualifiers starts this July 23-26, 2020.


    S3cret, Unseen, and Chuuu will remain in the roster. The following players will be out and in respectively:

    • Basic
    • Deb
    • Escanor
    • Fuzaken
    • Crypzu
    • Limz
    Here is the current roster of Blufire:
    • S3cret
    • Unseen
    • Fuzaken
    • Chuuu
    • Crypzu
    • Limz
    To see the roster changes of the other teams invited for the Season 6, click the link below:

    To summarize, Basic was traded to OnicPH for Fuzaken. Deb and Escanor will be inactive for the professional scene for now. Blufire recruited Crypzu, which is a former STI player in MPL-PH S5, and Limz.

    Stay tuned for more announcements about the upcoming MPL-PH Season 6
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