MPL Philippines Playoffs Results - Sunsparks bagged a back-to-back championship title

After the regular season, the playoffs started with the top 8 teams including the defending champion, Sunsparks. After three days of intense battle, Sunsparks managed to defend their title. Here's the story of the MPL-PH Season 5 Playoffs.

The day 1 started with the upper bracket matches of Bren Esports Vs. Execration and Sunsparks Vs. Onic PH. The winners of the upper bracket matches, Bren Esports and Sunsparks, faced each other in the Upper Bracket Finals in day 2.

The lower bracket matches also started in Day 1. SGD Omega won their match against ULVL and Blacklist International won against BSB. Thus, Day 1 ended with the elimination of BSB and ULVL, being 7th-8th placers.

Day 2 started with the round 2 lower bracket matches of Onic PH Vs. SGD Omega and Execration Vs. Blacklist International. The two teams, SGD Omega and Blacklist International, were eliminated, being the 5th-6th placers.

The upper bracket finals between Sunsparks and Bren Esports ended with Sunsparks being victorious. Thus, Bren Esports falls to the lower bracket.

The lower bracket semi-finals match between Onic PH and Execration was also held in Day 2. Execration was unable to survive and ranked as the 4th placer this Season 5.

The day 2 ended with only three teams left. Sunsparks was already waiting for the grandfinals while Bren Esports and Onic PH needs to battle it out in the lower bracket finals.

Onic PH won the lower bracket finals thus they faced Sunsparks in the Grand Finals. Just like in Season 4, it has been Sunsparks and Onic PH in the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals was a best-of-5 series. In the game 1, Onic PH won. In the games 2, 3, and 4, Sunsparks was victorious which made them a back-to-back champion in the MPL-PH.

Kielvj is the Finals MVP because of his outstanding performance using Kimmy which made them won Game 2, Game 3, and Game 4.

That concludes the MPL-PH Season 5! Congratulations to Sunsparks and thanks for the other teams who made this season a very exciting one.