MPL Philippines Regular Season Week 5 Season 5 Results

As the second to the last week of the regular season, the Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines just got more intense matches! The Week 5 of MPL PH Season 5 regular season has ended. Here are the results.

1. The week opened with the match between Onic PH and Blacklist International. Onic Philippines extended their winning streak by winning 2-1 against Blacklist.

2. The second series was between Bren Esports and STI. Bren Esports dominated the series by sweeping the match 2-0 and eliminated the last hope of STI to get into the playoffs.

3. The first series for Day 2 started with the match between Onic PH and BSB. Onic Philippines, looking to tie up the top spot, sweep BSB 2-0.

4. The next series was the match between Blacklist International and Geek Fam PH. After losing to Onic Philippines, Blacklist International bounced back and defeated Geek Fam Philippines with a 2-1 victory.

5. Execration showed that they are the veterans by coming up on top beating over the newcomer ULVL, 2-1.

6. The day 3 of week 3 started with the match between Execration and Geek Fam PH. Execration got their back to back win by sweeping this series 2-0.

7. Bren Esports and BSB faced up in the second to the last match of Week 5. Proving their dominance, Bren Esports sweep BSB with a 2-0 win.

8. The week closed with an intense match between Sunsparks and SGD Omega. The result favored Sunsparks which got a 2-0 sweep!

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