MPL Philippines Season 5 Week 3 Results

The Week 3 of MPL PH Season 5 regular season has ended! Here are the results

1. The week opened with the match between Sunsparks and STI. Sunsparks currently in a winning streak while STI is hungry for a win. The first series was swept by the defending champion, Sunsparks. The team gives another lose on the record of STI.

2. The second series was between Execration and Blacklist International. Execration dominated the series by sweeping the match 2-0. The team gave Blacklist International their first defeat in the regular season.

3. The last series of Day 1 is between Execration and Sunsparks. Both team just won their previous matches that happened in this very same day. The match ended with a very close score 2-1 in favor of Execration.

4. The day 2 of week 3 started with the match between Bren Esports and ULVL. Bren Esports emerged victorious as they sweep ULVL, 2-0.

5. After being swept out by Execration on their previous match, Blacklist International bounced back with a sweep against BSB , 2-0.

6. The day 3 of week 3 started with the current bottom 2, Geek Fam PH and STI. The result is a 2-0 in favor of Geek Fam PH.

7. The two rookie teams are matched this week. BSB beats ULVL, 2-0.

8. The week closed with an intense match between Onic PH and SGD Omega. Onic PH won 2-0 to help them climb up the rankings.

The MVP of the week is BennyQt of Execration because of his outstanding performance against team Sunsparks and team Blacklist International.

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