MPL Philippines Season 5 Week 6 Results

The final weekend has arrived! Here are the results of the regular season of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League - Philippines Season 5!

1. The first day started with the battle for 5th spot between SGD Omega and Blacklist International. The SGD Omega team emerges with a 2-0 victory.

2. The defending champion, Sunsparks, went up against one of the rookie team, ULVL. Sunsparks shows dominance and swept this series 2-0.

3. The second day started with the match between Onic Philippines and STI Olympians. Onic Philippines further diminished the hope of STI to reach the playoffs by winning 2-0.

4. A back-to-back win by SGD Omega gave them a chance to went up to the upper bracket. SGD Omega swept ULVL 2-0.

5. Bren Esports continued to hold on to the top spot by beating Blacklist International 2-0.

6. The last day of the regular season started with the match between BSB and Geek Fam Philippines. Team BSB officially eliminated Geek Fam Philippines by defeating them 2-0.

7. Execration did their best to stay in the upper bracket by not letting STI win even a single match beating them 2-0.

8. The most awaited match of the regular season didn't failed everyone. The intense match between Sunsparks and Onic Philippines lasts for three games which are all close fights. The season 4 grand finals rematch still ended being Sunsparks as victorious by winning 2-1 against Onic Philippines.

Wait for the official announcement for the playoffs bracket and schedule. Stay tuned.