MPLI Recap - Learn the best heroes to use based on the tournament

The recently concluded MPLI established what the general called as the META. The so-called META heroes are the ones that are considered to give the most chances of winning. Here are the heroes that are proven to be the most effective based on MPLI Statistics.

This will begin with the list of the most appeared heroes.
  1. Benedetta
  2. Selena
  3. Jawhead
Benedetta and Selena have 100% appearance in the whole tournament while Jawhead only missed one game.


For the heroes with the highest win rate, we have the following:
  1. Lunox
  2. Hilda
  3. Esmeralda
These heroes won at least two-thirds of the games they were picked. This is also filtered by a criteria that these heroes should have at least 10 games that they were picked.

If we analyze these stats, it shows that there are high priority and success with the Midlane, Roamer, and Sidelaner roles. Meaning, the main carry heroes are quite balanced right now and it depends on their supporting heroes to decide who might win the game based on the team composition.

Benedetta can be used as a main carry or even as a sidelaner, as played by the Alter Ego which they chose Claude as the main carry rather than Benedetta. It followed that Esmeralda is the next best sidelaner to Benedetta. Jawhead shines as the best roamer then next is Hilda. Meanwhile, Selena is really a threat as a midlaner support that can even transition as a carry similar with Lunox which is next to her.

Each region also shows their favored heroes to use. Here are the favorite heroes of each region:


  • Indonesia: Harith; Lapu Lapu; Ling
  • Philippines: Chou; Pharsa; Yu Zhong
  • Malaysia/Singapore: Harith; Jawhead; Khaleed
  • Myanmar: Barats; Hayabusa; Yi Sun Shin
That wraps up this MPLI Recap. Tune in for more news and updates!
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