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Jun 13, 2021
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Michael Lourence Juanico
Execration made a fantastic comeback after dropping a 2 – 1 match against the Evos Legends on Playoffs MSC DAY 1. Execration has proved that even after losing and failing to get the Final Upper Bracket Ticket, they do not give up and still have the desire to ascend to the top and win the championship.

MSC 2021 Day 2 began with head-to-head combat between the teams RSG MY and Bigetron Alpha, which resulted in a thrilling win for RSG MY. It was one of the most exciting MSC 2021 playoff battles.

RSG MY swiftly rebounded in the second match after losing their first battle against Bigetron Alpha, thanks to a stronger game plan and tactics. RSG MY's Leixia and Lolealz shone, leading their side to victory and forcing a third game against Bigetron Alpha.

It was a fierce battle that favored Bigetron Alpha, who knocked out all of RSG MY's turrets. However, RSG MY's defense is at its best and effectively turns the tables, defeating Bigatron Alpha with a score of 2 – 1 and securing a spot in the Lower Bracket Semifinals.

However, after winning the game with Bigetron Alpha, Execration swiftly shut down RSG MY with a 2-0 beating. The first game was a devastating loss for RSG MY, who had been so dominant in the early game and were so close to defeating the Philippine Team Execration.

Execration, on the other hand, was unyielding; even after struggling in the early game, they waited for the perfect opportunity and effectively reversed the game, focusing on the objectives, demolishing RSG MY's turret, and entirely destroying the base to win their first game.

For the side of Execration, a suitable distinction to be termed "Comeback Legends." After gaining momentum in the first game, they were unstoppable in the second game, absolutely annihilating RSG MY.

RSG MY was wiped out due to a large differential in hero damage, gold, and KDA, and Execration promptly ended the game in under 15 minutes, eliminating RSG MY and finishing their adventure in the MSC Semifinal Lower Bracket.

Day 3 will begin with an exciting rematch between Execration, who successfully won their fight in the Lower Bracket match, and EVOS Legends, who has been forced to go to the Lower Bracket after losing to Black List International.

Will Execration avenge their loss on Day 1 against EVOS Legends and continue their winning streak? Alternatively, will EVOS defeat Execration and face Blacklist International in the Grand Finals? Tune in for more updates.