MSC 2021 Group Stage Day 1 Results - Philippines sweeps their matches!

In the Group Stage, the teams will battle the others in their same group. The Philippine teams Blacklist International and Execration are on group C and D respectively. Here are the results for the first day!


The Group Stage started with the match-ups of the Champions of a region versus the runner-ups of another region. Blacklist International faced Bigetron Alpha of Indonesia and managed to get a 2-0 sweep. Execration was against the champion of Singapore, EVOS SG, and also managed to win with a 2-0 series score.


The other match-up results included RSG Malaysia beating RSG Singapore 2-0 and EVOS Legends defeating Todak, also 2-0.

RSG Singapore had another match on the same day, and that was against IDONOTSLEEP of Thailand. RSG Singapore won 2-0. Todak also had another match and swept Cyber Exe, 2-0.

The group stage will continue with the following matches:


June 8, 2021: Group Stage Day 2 (Tuesday)

• Bigetron Alpha vs Impunity KH

• Execration vs Nightmare Esports


• Cyber Exe vs EVOS Legends

• Impunity KH vs Blacklist International

• Nightmare Esports vs EVOS SG

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