MSC 2021 Group Stage Day 2 Results - Upper bracket secured by Philippine Teams

After winning on Day 1, the Philippine teams Blacklist International and Execration continued to battle to secure the upper bracket slots. Here are the results for the Day 2 of Group Stage.


Day 2 started with an upset by Impunity KH of Cambodia as they managed to do a reverse sweep against Bigetron Alpha of Indonesia. The runner-up of Indonesia finished the group stage as 3rd which means they will be matched with the 2nd of Group A in the elimination phase.

The match-ups involving Philippines teams ended with a sweep. Execration beat Niightmate Esports, 2-0, while Blacklist International defeated Impunity KH, 2-0.


RSG Malaysia had a match day against IDONOTSLEEP of Thailand ending RSG MY winning 2-0. Evos Legends had a match and swept Cyber Exe, 2-0.

The last match of the day was Niightmare Esports versus Evos SG. The winner is Evos SG which means Niightmare Esports will finish Group D as 3rd placer and will be matched against TODAK.

RSG MY, EVOS Legends, Blacklist International, and Execration are the four teams that secured Upper Bracket for the Playoffs.

The MSC 2021 will continue with the following matches:


June 9, 2021: Group Stage Elimination Phase (Wednesday)

• RSG SG vs Bigetron Alpha
• IDNS vs Impunity KH
• TODAK vs Niightmare Esports
• Cyber EXE vs EVOS SG

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