MSC 2022 Playoffs Day 4 Results - Falcon Esports and Omega Esports advanced to semi-finals

There are only 6 teams remaining in the Playoffs of the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022. For Day 4, the lower bracket match-ups happened to eliminate two more teams in this tournament. Omega Esports faced Orange Esports in a lower bracket best-of-5 series. Meanwhile, Todak lost against Falcon Esports. Omega Esports and Falcon Esports won their series to advanced to the lower bracket semi-finals in which they will face one another.


The first match-up for Day 4 of the playoffs was between Todak Vs. Falcon Esports. This series took 4 games as Falcon Esports won 3-1. Todak is now eliminated in the tournament and will finished as 5th-6th placer in MSC 2022 along with another team from Malaysia, Orange Esports. The two representatives from the country Malaysia has now both been eliminated this MSC 2022.

Orange Esports was eliminated after losing to Omega Esports that took 5 games. Omega won 3-2 after winning the last two games. Falcon Esports and Omega will face in the lower bracket semi-finals. The winner will advance while the other will be eliminated.


The schedule for the MSC 2022 Playoffs Day 5 is yet to be announced as of writing. It is expected though for 3 matches to happen starting with the upper bracket, RSG PH Vs. RRQ followed by Falcon Esports Vs. Omega. The 3rd series will be the fight for the last Grand Finals slot that will be determined after the first two series.

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