MSC 2023 Group Stage Draw Results - 12 teams distributed into 4 groups, only the top 2 will advance

MSC 2023 is a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game mid-year international tournament. Every year, MSC tournament featured teams from the Southeast Asia region but for this 2023, new regions which are North America, Turkey, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are included. This tournament started way back 2017 but this will be the first time that it will feature teams outside the Southeast Asia (SEA) region that completed the 12 invited teams. This tournament is planned to begin on June 10, 2023 for the Group Stage. There has been a group draw in order to distribute the twelve teams into four groups and here are the results.


Group A: ECHO (PH Champ), FIMP (Turkey), EVO (Laos)
Group B: FNX (Myanmar), RSG Singapore, EVOS Indonesia (ID Runner-up)
Group C: ONIC Indonesia (ID Champ), OP (North America), BXF (Cambodia)
Group D: TDK (Malaysia), BLCK (PH Runner-up), OPY (MENA)


The format of the tournament is announced in the official YouTube channel of MLBB. MSC 2023 is expected to also have its Knockout Stage on June 15-17, then Grand Finals and battle for 3rd on June 18, 2023. The group stage will be played in a best-of-three, single-round-robin format from June 10 to 13. Only two teams in each group will proceed to the knockout stage.


The knockout stage, which will happen from June 15 to 18, is a single-elimination, best-of-five showdown. The grand finals will then be played in a best-of-seven. There will also be a battle-for-3rd for those teams that will lose in the semi-finals, which would be a best-of-5 series.

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