MSC 2024 Wild Card Slot allocation officially announced; features South Asia region and more

Guild of Guardians
The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mid-Season Cup (MSC) 2024 will now also have a Wild Card stage similar to what happened in M5 Wild Card stage. For MSC 2024, there will be eight teams fighting for one slot to advance to the Main stage. The Wild Card slot allocation has been announced in multiple social media accounts of MLBB and its related esports accounts. The MSC 2024 is scheduled to commence on June 28, 2024 starting with the Wild Card Stage. The Main Stage will then run until July 14, 2024.


The Main Stage has sixteen slots and fifteen are already allotted to certain qualifications, only one slot for Wild Card. The Main Stage slots are allotted to the following: 2 for Philippines, Indonesia, and MENA each, 1 each for Malaysia, Singapore, China, Eastern Europe & Central Asia (EECA) region, Turkey, Cambodia, Myanmar, LATAM, and North America. Meanwhile, the Wild Card stage gives a chance for some countries or regions to get an additional slot which includes China, EECA, LATAM, Malaysia, and Turkey. There is also a Wild Card slot for Mongolia, Mekong (Bhutan, Brunei, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam), and South Asia (Bangladesh and Nepal).

MSC 2024 will take place at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Both Wild Card and Main Stage of the tournament are scheduled to happen live on venue with a virtual stream on select MLBB social media accounts. The prize pool for MSC 2024 is 3 million USD, which is higher than the prize pool of the M5 World Championship, which will now be the largest prize pool record in MLBB Esports history.

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