MSI announces its upcoming ultra-wide OLED monitor

Dubbed as “Project 491C”, this is MSI’s upcoming gaming monitor that’s packed with a super-ultrawide display, high refresh rate and some OLED goodness.


To let the world know of its upcoming ultra-wide OLED monitor, MSI announced the monitor in their official Twitter account. However, the details about this product is scarce and the only details known about it was it would be a 49-inch monitor in the super-ultrawide form factor.

The monitor is a QD-OLED with a high refresh rate of 240Hz. Although this is not the first time that MSI ventured into QD-OLED, this is their first time combining that panel and that high refresh rate.


Add to that, ahead of the show, MSI’s upcoming monitor has already received the CES 2023 Innovation Award. CES 2023 will be coming in January 2023 and through there, further details about this monitor will likely be revealed. Stay tuned!

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