MU Monarch is now officially available in the SEA region for mobile devices

Kingnet Technology Limited has officially launched MU Monarch, the sequel to the classic MMORPG title. The game is now available to players in the SEA region for both Android and iOS devices. The release of the game marks the return of the classic MU series known for giving fantasy-themed MMORPG experience.

mu monarch.jpg

Just like any MMORPG there is, the game also has several character classes that players can choose from to pick which better suits their gameplay. Fans can also expect classic MU maps to appear but it is redefined with additional inclusions of the new MU Monarch.

mu monarch 3.jpg

Aside from the characters, there are legendary weapons as well that fit each of the different character classes. With this, players must choose wisely which class they will be as the weapon they will use will depend on it. Battle it out with enemies through quests or farm for battle equipment and essential items in the dungeons.

mu monarch 2.jpg


From now on, enjoy the RETURN OF ORIGINAL MU! Immerse yourself in the retro fantasy MMORPG mobile game, experience faithfully recreated classic map scenes, and grow your characters as authentic classes! Endless Bonuses await, millions of warriors fight together!

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Key Features
  • Classic MU Continues
Dive into the officially licensed MU continent. Relive the glory days and nostalgic adventures with new authentic chapters.
  • Conquer with Magic Sword
Unleash the magic sword to awaken the epic battle spirit. Start legendary quests across Lorencia, battling formidable bosses and carving your name into history.
  • Explore Endless Wealth
Discover miracles with max drop rates. From the smallest mobs to the mightiest bosses, every encounter holds the promise of advanced gear and rare treasures. Your path to legendary weapons starts here!
  • Enjoy Free Trading
Discover limitless possibilities with a robust free trading system. Swap and match gear parts effortlessly and dominate the battlefield with ease. Free trading, easy winning!
  • Embark on Intense Duels
Join forces with old allies and engage in peak battles. Traverse mysterious realms and reignite the flames of intense, passionate warfare. Only the strongest will emerge victorious!