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Nov 10, 2016
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Le Patatas
Hey pips!

As a young, terrifyingly handsome dude, i played a lot of games when i was still a little padawan.
Three of the most memorable games that i`ve encountered was: Gunbound, Ragnarok Online and MU Online.

As some of you might know, i have been playing Global MU Origin of which is the whole MU Online story in your hands! ( I don`t know if there will be a Gunbound Mobile game, but there is a Ragnarok Mobile)

And so .. .. Global MU Origin just had it`s update of our beloved Magic Gladiator ( in MU Origin he is called the Magic Knight. ... . don`t ask me why)

Come and join me in MU Origin ;D
( I sound like a suspicious salesman, i know :O )

If you guys have any suggestions on good mobile games.
Please feel free to share it :)
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