MU Origin 2 Basics and BP Boost


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May 12, 2019
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Battle points are the numerical manifestation of your character's over-all stats and prowess. The higher your BP, the more the things will be easier for you. Boss killings, hunting, grinding, PK-ing, PVP, etc. Now that you get it, let's start!



STATS - Every time you level, you will get a Stat points that you may choose whether the system will automatically add those Stat points to your character's default stats, or you will manually put those Stat points.

NOTE: You can directly upgrade your stats using the "Stat Fruits" that can be craft using the "Gem of Maya" and "Gem of Creation".

GEARS - this area can be seen in the backpack tab, this area was already explained in my previous post. So feel free to read that, and admittedly, I'm not that fluent in this area because the version of this game's items are far from the MU Online in PC.

HORCRUX - The Horcrux system is one of the good (the best, I think) way to dispose your unused items and gears. Items that are being selected and fused are converted as an EXP to the Horcrux for it to gain rank, and gives you a BP Boost. The higher the worth of an item being fused is the higher the EXP it may give.

EVOLVE - the evolution system in this can be considered the class evolution in some games. You will be a Magister I (for mages), Archer I (for archers, and Knight I (for the knights). There are required levels to evolve your character and it needs certain items. For the first three evolution, "Emperor's Tome" are required and once you are in the "Royal..." evolution, items per class are already designated:

Knight - Sword of Soul Ripper
Archer - Tear of Spirits
Mage - Prophecy's Soul

SIGIL - this area is the manifestation of how fame you are, fames are the only items neeed to upgrade your sigil. It greatly boosts your BP!

NOTE: Fame can be acquired from the daily event "Ironblood Path (PK) and "Arena (PK), and special events like the "Roland's City War" and "Red Fortress".

TITLE - there are two types of title that you may use in the same time. The "Normal Title" and the "Glorious Title", both kinds may give you an additional BP.

FORTUNE - this is a daily system that may give you a hint for your luck per day. This system affects your daily quests, cobalt retrieval and alliance quests. There are five types of fortune:
  1. Favor of Fate (the luckiest)
  2. Fortunate
  3. Lucky
  4. Ordinary
  5. Jinxed (the one having a bad day!)
NOTE: You can share your fortune to the others and vice versa, for two times. It is only applicable to the players within your alliance.


Fortune in the Alliance Quest:
  1. (Orange) Favor of Fate - Alliance Banner Quest
  2. (Purple) Fortunate - Alliance Guards Quest
  3. (Blue) Lucky - Winged Monsters Quest
  4. (Green) Ordinary - Subjugating Rebels Quest
  5. (Grey) Jinxed - Mana Core Quest
(from: Willard Pancho)

There are only 8 default skills per class. The four skills in the left sides are the normal skills, the first two skills in the right are buffs or boosts, and the last two skills in the right are the most powerful ones. Skills may be upgraded thru the usage of golds and the level of the skills depend in the level of your character. The Ultimacy can be seen in each side per skills, those ultimacies may be unlock by purchasing it in the Warrior Shop using Hero Tokens.

NOTE: ALWAYS upgrade your skills every time you level, upgrading consumes a lot of Gold coins but it worths.

ENHANCE - all of your gears, including your mount's, may be enhanced using the Gem of Blessings, Gem of Soul, and Gem of Maya. The usage of those gems depend on the level of enhancement you are going to process. Also, the higher the level of enhancement, the riskier it may to degrade. So to evade that, you may use Blessed Gems.

INSET - this system are all about gems, you may craft those gems into a higher level from level 1 to level 10. There are four kinds of gems each has a a specified inset places in your gears, those are:

Ruby - Main Weapon, Necklace, 2 Rings (Attack)
Emerald - Shoes (Dodge)
Sapphire - Upper Armor, Lower Armor (Defense)
Topaz - Helm, Gloves (Max HP)

The shield is still unknown to my character, and there are still two locked slots that the game may release in the future updates.

NOTE - You can get a lot of gems from the dungeons, clear all that and craft your gems to the highest level it may.

APPEND - appending your gears and your mount's gears gives a lot of BP. The "Gem of Health" is the main material for this system.

NOTE - Always append your equipment, no need to think whether you will append an item or not because this can be transferred to the other equipment by just paying pink diamonds.

Wings, like the other MUs, it shows how powerful and rich the character may be. The larger and prettier the wings, the higher its rank. "Rock's Feather" is the item needed to upgrade the stars while the "Hawk's Spark" is for the ranking of the wings.

NOTE - It is okay to spend a lot of pink diamonds or make it as your priority in the Pink Diamonds Shop. Make sure that you also "Raid" and "Challenge" the Demon Tower for the addtional materials.

BATTLE - You may get Spirits for free in the Spirit's Treasure. The rarity of the Spirits is alike to the rarity of the items. There are also ranks that is bound to the spirits which are embedded to the upper right of the spirit icons (A, B, C, D and E). You may also upgrade the spirit which is like leveling it (using "Crystal") and Star up to unlock the spirit's skills (using "Spirit Stones" and/or "Demonic Stone").

ALBUM - this tab shows the fairies you can get and, fairies that you got and unlocked.

RELATION - each spirit has its own team with the other spirit/s. Once you equipped the right fairies in a specified relation, additional stats will be applied.

RECYCLE - this system should be used if the fairy that you got is weaker or a duplicate. It will give you Crystals and a chance to drop stones.

MOUNT - The first mount you will get is a free one and you may upgrade (like leveling) and rank it up. Ranking up the mount will transform it. For example, ranking up the rank 1 Unicorn will get into rank 2 Flame Wolf. You can only get the materials of for this in the Alliance Shop, those materials are my priority daily whenever I have a lot of Alliance Pts.

SKIN - your mount also has skins which also gives additional BP for you.

RIDING SUIT - it is the gears of your mount. You may also enhance, append, and rank it up like yours.

ITEM CRAFT - there are only two items that you can craft presently, the Devil Square Ticket for the Devil Square, and Transparent Cloak for Blood Castle Event.

GEM CRAFTING - it was already mentioned before but this is the area where you can craft those.

FRUIT SYNTHESIS - fruits are being crafted randomly and each gives a certain stats depending to its kind.

GEAR UPGRADE - A rank of an item can be upgrade using the "Gear Upgrade" process where 1 main and 2 sub items are needed for the process to occur. Items should be in the same rarity, rank, and names (items with exclusive or part of an item set can't be upgraded) are the same. Upgrading an item boosts its stats, thus an additional BP for you.

ARCHANGEL - for this? for the lucky ones in the Treasure Hunt and Rich Players.

You need to have an active alliance for you to get stronger. The more active players in the alliance, the more the rewards, the more the possible teammates and the more the alliance points that you will use to buy items and skills - another BP boost for you.

Glyphs give stats for your character also. There are 8 kinds of glyphs that you may equip. You may get those from the Market and Lost Tower. You may also refine, enhance and dismantle those glyphs.

Skins can be get from the events and you may have a permanent or a limited one. Despite of that, equipping skins doesn't only gives a boost to your character's look but also in your BP.

Like the other posts, this is still subjected to changes and you are free to contact me for errors and additional information. Thanks a lot!