MU Origin 2 Patch Update 3.1: Magic Gladiator, Abyss Event and Couple Dungeons

Webzen's immensely popular MMORPG, MU Origin 2, has already updated itself with all new features and additional events to keep glued to your phone during this long period of quarantine. With its new patch update, players can now enjoy finally the new class, Magic Gladiator, as well as interesting events that will help their character more powerful and cooler at Abyss Castle Siege and Abyss Arena.

And for lovers out there, a special feature was given exclusively for married characters of MU as they include a Couple Dungeon and Couple Skills that definitely keep those lovebirds happy.

Here the highlights for their newest patch 3.1 that you should watch out:

Magic Gladiator

The Magic Gladiator is among the staple character class from the original PC version of MU. Known for being a wielder of magic and its prowess in weapon combat, Magic Gladiator is now available in Origin 2 once you hit level 120 or higher. There will be two builds of Magic Gladiator that you choose between STR and ENG and you can freely switch by paying diamonds.

Magic Gladiator can also equip one-handed weapons from Dark Knight and Dark Wizard classes. Note that Magic Gladiator can not get any item set effects upon acquiring its double-handed weapons.
So start slashing your way with fire and ice sword with the Magic Gladiator!

Abyss Castle Siege

For guilds who already covet the title of Loren Lord, this is your chance to show your supremacy all over your server with this exciting feature called Abyss Castle Siege. You can now access this event every time the Abyss world opens. Only you need to do is to submit your Loren Badge to the NPC Last located at Elvesland. Castle Siege starts every Wednesday from 21:30 to 22:00.

The perks and benefits from this event are humongous. The Guild who successfully finished it will have its Guild Master its own set of limited-time wings and costume while the others who joined the siege will acquire limited-time buffs that help them boost their gaming.

Abyss Arena

If you are the type that wants to claim the honor as the lone wolf, the new season of Abyss Arena in the event that you must strive to shine. Players who managed to reach level 300 are invited to participate in the tight ranking competition once the Abyss World opens. The rewards that you can get from duels will be taken from the data collected everyday between 22:55 and 24:00. The ranking in Abyss Arena will reset every after each of its seasons.

Couple Exclusive Features

Even with those monstrous armors and tough players, MU Origin 2 surprising offers an exclusive feature for gamers who are lovers on and off the MU continent. The Couple Dungeon from the new patch allows married players to enter a dungeon where all its floors can be unlocked depending on the level of their wedding ring. The said ring can also provide enhance material loot for married players so its a great way for them to get stronger together.

Another special feature for couples is the Couple Skills exclusive once more for married couples only after they reach level 200. The skills include Beautiful Encounter that includes a buff that makes the couple acquire more zen from monsters, Heavy Longing which makes both couples resurrect for a total of 10 times daily and each can teleport instantly to their partner's location afterward, and lastly is Warm Love that adds more XP from slain monsters. All these skills can be unlocked via Zen and Torn Book from Couple dungeons and each of them can be level further for maximum effects.