MU Origin Accessory Guide

Guild of Guardians


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Aug 12, 2015
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Introduction: Players can obtain Accessories through Accessory Treasure and have stats boosted after equipping them. Accessories can be recycled into materials for accessory's upgrading and ranking up. Players can combine different accessories to get bonus stats.

Entrance: Main interface -- Avatar -- Accessories

Open time: Updated on April 2. Unlocked after completing the main quests at Lv.260

Acquisition: Accessories can be obtained from Accessory Treasure. Players can equip ore remove them on the Accessory interface.
Upgrade: Materials for upgrading and ranking up accessories can be gained by recycling redundant accessories. Upgrading and ranking up accessories will make your power boosted.

Combination: Collect different accessories to make different combinations so as to maximize bonus stats.

New Items: Accessories in blue, purple and orange quality. Tattoo (upgrading material), Spiritual Gold (ranking up material for blue+ quality accessory), Demonic Gold (ranking up material for purple+ quality accessory), Divine Gold (ranking up material for orange quality accessory).