MU Origin Master Talent


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Aug 12, 2015
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There are exchange code in the article. First come, first served! Each code can only be used once!

This function will be unlocked after player’s level reaches Master.

Function Entrance
Please click avatar, then choose Character button and click Master Talent to enter

Function Introduction
Players can achieve the stat bonus by activating the Talent on Talent Tree.

Activate Talent
Consume Talent Points to activate Talent on Talent Tree.

Please Note: Talent on the same tree has connection. Please activate the previous one first to active the next.

1. Players can exchange Talent Points by consuming quest EXP

2. The exchange limit varies with character’s level.
3. The required EXP will continuously increase to exchange Talent Points.
4. After selecting any Talent Tree, you must distribute enough Talent Pints to unlock the next Talent Tree.
Talent Reset

Players can reset yesterday’s Pints by consuming Rest Coupon/Diamonds. Talent Points will becomes the Points left and could be redistributed after successful rest.

The above data is the test screenshot data, and please take the in game specific number as standard.