MU Origin New Class Diviner


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Aug 12, 2015
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Introduce the new class Diviner who can attack and defense to you in two minutes
The new class Diviner is about to launch on MU continent. I believe many warriors are ready for new challenge and excitement, but what’s Diviner in your eyes?

Brand new female class is coming to stage! Diviner is an honorable title, because they are always fighting on the front line. They control the powerful combination of arcane and magic power, which can destroy everything of enemy. Sceptre in their hands is both the enemy’s nightmare and teammates’ solid support. They are the leader of battlefield support. The battle features of this new class are team battle control, team bonus and damage output. They have not only the beautiful appearance but also the cool skills!
Character Features: M. Atk and P. Atk, Damage Output

Difficulty: ★★★

Introduction: This class own the unique ability of M. Atk and P. Atk and two stats of power and intelligence, who can fight like Swordsman and control magic like Mage.
Available: March, 2019

Diviner is a supporting class with great control and output ability.

During team battle, Diviner can provide good output environment for teammates with strong control ability. Besides, Diviner can not only provide HP bonus for teammates but also enhance their output ability, which help them to survive and improve the output ability. Players who like the support role and strong team control will love this class! Please experience it after it’s online!!