MU Origin NewBie Guide


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Aug 12, 2015
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Guide 101 (NOVICE) : in the beginning its easy for you to level up,
just keep doing quest & dungeon tell you reach 100 then rebirth (rebirth at Warriors Land outside the bar)
don't worry about items and gear the Server give you Grade 3 gear for 7 days online from head to toe, .
just keep doing dungeon (REMEMBER keep all the BOUND ITEM that you can use AND recycle the rest)
keep this up until you reach lvl100 rb2 (Don't rush yet to rb3). . .

REMEMBER to Play all event as you can, Like Devil Square it gives UNBOUND item when you have the high DPS on
the boss.

there are 4 types on how you can get items

1st TOP.UP

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2nd Farming

Find a nice Spot then leave you character auto-bot tell you get gems then sell the gems.
(as for me there are two nice spot you can farm, 1st at Underground City at Spider and
Lost Tower Bull Demon King).
(P.s Change the Autobot settings, AutoKill (fix) and don't loot the white item it makes your inv full)

3rd Buy and Sell

You need some diamond to do this, and you must know what and how much the price of a certain item
go to tradehouse find some nice low price item, then sell it, . .
(P.S you need lvl50 rb2 to do this)

4th Doing Boss hunt and Devil square

Doing boss hunt is hard, there are to many High level and high equipment but its a way to get UNBOUND ITEM

Do's and Don'ts

1. Do not Use use Crystal on buying grade2 equipment Only USE IT ON TALISMAN (Green thing, you can get it when you recycle items)

2. Do not use your Bound Diamond on Blessings, use it to buy Hawk's Spark to upgrade your wings, Fame and achievement.

3. Do not throw/recycle low grade Epic(S class) items you can use it to make higher grade epic item.
(three grade 1 boots = One Grade 2 boots)

4. Do not Rush on rebirth without completing your next set.
Why? its because of Devil Square, when you enter devil square there are 10 players competing to have Most DPS
on the BOSS. you have a higher chance to win if you have a nice gear in your current rebirth

5. Don't forget to mine Bound Diamond at Crystal Mirage (need lvl40 rb2)

6. You already have set and weapon on 7th day, you just need 2 of a kind to make it grade 4 armor. . that's why
you must keep all the BOUND epic low grade item.

7. Worship every day for fame and Exp

Answer and Question (Question i Frequently Answered)

Its an Item you cannot trade nor sell, it has a lock small icon lower left of the item

You cant, either its really really GOOD ITEM if you cant use it its USELESS

*whats the lvl i can rebirth?
its 100 and you can rebirth at Warriors Land outside the BAR, .
you need to be lvl100, you have some gold and crystal

*Where do i get UNBOUND EPIC ITEM?
you can have it on DEVIL SQUARE and WORLD BOSS

*how to get VIP?
You just need to recharge a certain amount to make VIP

*How to Upgrade Wings?
Its in your Backpack second to the last, at the left , . . you need Feathers to make it 10 star after you need a lot
of Hawk's Spark to upgrade tell 75%

*How to join Clan/Alliance?
Click on your Avatar at upper Left corner then click alliance, then apply. . .


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May 12, 2019
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1.MAIN QUEST - No need to explain, just do it. 2.EXP DUNGEON - 2 limits daily
3.DAILY QUEST - It has 3 chapters with 10 parts, 30 parts in all.

4. LAND OF TRIAL - It has a 30 mins daily limit, you need to use it very well. Activate your 3x EXP Card and create a team with 4 members to gain extra exp as well (there is a 10% exp bonus per member with a total limit of 40%)

5. SUPPLY GATHERING - you need to collect a total of 200 Cobalt Vein for this. There are two areas in Tynewt where the cobalts respawn, the first one is the default area where your character automatically goes whenever you click the quest and the second one is on the farthest area of Tynewt (You can see the cobalt respawn area on the map).

Do this early in the morning to evade a lot of PK players. Doing it with a team is an advantage, your team is sharing cobalt with you and stronger teammates may defend you from the unreasonable PK players in the area.

6.ALLIANCE EVENTS: Alliance Quiz - This event takes place every 9PM in your alliance territory and has a 20 questions that when you answer correctly, EXP and Alliance Pts are awarded. It is better to have a smart people around your alliance or just use google search swiftly.

Alliance Bonfire - This is a 30-minute event where you just need to do is stand by in your alliance territory. It takes place everynight from 9PM to 9:30PM. Alliance Quest - It is a 20 part quest in your alliance and the best time to do it is from 9PM to 10PM every night where a 2X EXP is rewarded for this.

Soul Instill - This is a process where the both of you in the alliance are gaining EXP. It has a daily limit of 2. No need to invite a player with a higher level than you (unlike with the Dragon Nest M) because both of you are gaining EXP as long as you are not in limit.

7. BLOOD CASTLE - A daily event with a 3 times limit. Join this event with a team for additional EXP and greater points. It is better to have people (if you are lucky) who knows that getting a higher points in the event is equal to a higher EXP gain.

8. DEVIL SQUARE - It is also a daily event with a 3 times limit like the Blood Castle. Do it also with a team.

9.DEMON TOWER- This is a tower where the higher the floor you defeat, the higher the rewards. There is also a daily “raid” option where from floor 1 to the floor you reached will be swept instantly.

10. DUNGEONS - Just clear all the dungeons. There are 5 limits per area and you can sweep it also, if you have a

11. RANK WORSHIP - You can gain EXP by just worshiping the top 10 most powerful players in your server. Access it by click the “Rank” icon on the upper part of your screen.

12. AFK GRINDING - Do this as a last option if you are busy or there are no more daily quests, dungeons or areas to be cleared.

13. ROLAND'S FEAST - This is a special event being lead by the most powerful in the server. A banquet for a limited number of players and it will give an exp for those who attend. It is an every night event in Lorencia from Monday to Saturday, 9PM.

14. STATUE WORSHIPING - Just go to the Lorencia daily and woship the two statue there by giving golds.