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Aug 12, 2015
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New Gameplay in New Version - Phantom Monastery, 8V8 Battle Starts!

After the new version released in this week, we bring out the first cross-server 8V8 gameplay 「Phantom Monastery」. I believe that you are well prepared to meet the new challenge and strong rivals. You can get familiar with the gameplay these days and the true battle Mussa is in the next week. How to achieve the victory in Phantom Monastery? Here are the secret of success!

You can register for Phantom Monastery at specific time after cross-server map opens. Phantom Monastery is 8V8 battle mode and you can get points by killing enemy or collecting Holy Grail back to faction. The team who reached the required points first wins. The team who gets the high points wins when time is over. If the points are the same, the two teams lose.
Time: 12:30 and 18:00 every day start from March 12

Recommended Team Formation
Vanguard to fight for Holy Grail ---- Recommend Swordsman with high HP and high Defense
Guard to protect teammate with control skill --- The new class Diviner is perfect for this
Killer to fight and kill the enemy’s vanguard --- Leave the task to the number one killer on MU continent Archer and Mage

Make Good Use of Battlefield Elements
The near two Portals with same color can conduct bidirectional transmission. Thus, it’s very crucial to control the battle by making good use of these battlefield elements. The Holy Grails are at the opposite sides, we recommend you to split 8 persons into two small trams to grab the Holy Grails. Guards and Killers can start the fight when encounter the enemy and vanguard should rush to get the Holy Grail to safe zone.

Phantom Monastery is the new 8V8 team battle in cross-server on MU Continent. During the whole gameplay, players should focus on the team formation, tact understanding and make good use of battlefield elements. You can easily achieve victory if these important issues are well-balanced. Don’t miss it if you want EXP, Fame and high-price Items. Wish you all a triumphant return!