Mu Origin Pinas (Version 7.0)

Mu Art Online

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Aug 3, 2018
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Game Screenshots:

Tells the story of the old continent, with five characters protagonist,
Warrior, Magician, Archer Duel Master and Summon containing your skills and unique features!

Use powers and armor to increase its power, is a great strategist
Boarding now this adventure in a fantasy world!

Great gameplay.
Beautiful graphics


- 5 Classes (DarkKnight, Magician, Archers, Duel Master, Summoner)
- Riding System (Riding Animal, Equip, Album, Costume)
- Pet Soul System
- Reborn System
- New Map (Reborn Map)
- Marriage System
- Territory resources system
- Muren's Book System
- Holy (Grail, Hat, Sword, Book) System
- Flouresence Gem Sytem
- Treasure Fairyland
- Tarot card system
- Wardrobe Fashion(Equip, Wings, Weapon, Footprint)
- Couple Blessing
- Accessories
- Holy Weapon
- Legion system
- Emblem system
- Alchemy system
- Soul Stone system
- Lucky Wheel
- Wing system level 12

Cross Server Events:
-Ladder Tournament 1 vs 1
-Imirage Shrine 8v8
-Heroes Battle Field
-Land of Magic
-War of Gods
-Couple Battlefield
-Regal Battlefield
-Territory Collect
-Golden League

Recharge Rate: 100PHP = 100,000 Diamonds
Quest Exp: High Rate

Current Version: 7.0
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
Install: Play Store
Email: [email protected]