MU Origin Tips and Strategies


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Aug 12, 2015
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Leveling through quest, Prioritize doing the Main quests first as they give the character a lot of EXP and Gold once i completed them.
Complete all the daily events and dungeons everyday, I will also obtain different items which are useful to increase my character’s BP.

Complete the Time-limited Events, There are also ‘Time-limited Events’ that i can do for more rewards, Gold and EXP. And i check the Remaining Time for each Time-limited Event so that i do not miss out on any of them.

I always checked my Backpack, may obtain chests or items for my character that i might not even notice so i always check my character’s backpack to see all the items that i have obtained.

If i have gear that has a higher BP than my current gear, i always replace them to give a free overall BP boost to my character. If i have chests, straight away open these as they contain special items that will help me further into the game. Most items can only be used from the Backpack. I cannot sell my unwanted gear as i will be using them as materials for the Horcrux feature later on.

Upgrade all my character skills, Once i have gained access to my character skills, ill make sure to upgrade all of them to increase my BP and skill level. There will be a total of 9 skills that i can upgrade which requires Gold. When a skill level reaches level 160, i can activate its skill Ultimacy to gain an additional effect of that skill. However, i will need an additional item depending on which skill Ultimacy i choose.

Crafting, is where i can only craft certain items and gear.
My last technics to enhance my BP, Wings, Glyps, and spirits.

Battle Systems Microstrategy
  1. Avail VIP 1 to gain additional benefits.
  2. Join strong alliance and have strong friends, being active is a plus.
  3. Complete all quest for pink Dias and other items farming. Use xp boosters during quest and events.
  4. Hunt World boss with strong friends and allys.
  5. Active participation on System Events, alliance and do check on MU Facebook for information.
  6. Do your arena battle 15 minutes before 11 pm so you could have a nice ranking and receive large amount of fame for upgrades.
  7. Do party dungeons early on the reset so could receive a nice items which could possibly used for your own gears.
  8. Attend alliance war for great ally coin so you could purchase upgrades at alliance shop.
  9. 9. If your Battle Points is enough for world bosses then hunt it ang start collecting items for exchange and sometimes drop are excellent for your own gears.
  10. Enjoy the game for your own happiness.

Battle Systems Microstrategy
  1. Wait for 1am for the daily quests and rewards to reset
  2. Collect all the red dots first.
  3. Quickly go to Kalima and Spirit ruins, cause when you play later, sometimes you have to wait for too long to have a team (especially if you're a newbie).
  4. Go to Rank and worship all the Top 10 players
  5. What i do after Kalima and Spirit ruins:
    raid Demons tower (solo), EXP dungeon (solo), Greed's cavern then raid the Dungeon (then can sell or fusion extra items that you have collected) remember to use x2 or x3 EXP card
  6. To gain EXP to level up, i will do the daily quest, supply gathering, LOT and abyssal quest.
  • check fortune to finish cobalt gathering fast
  • if not satisfied, i TOP UP and look for good chest packs at Grand store
  • use pink diamonds to buy Rock's feather and gem of health for appending and wing infusion
  • after all of that i proceed with the other dailies and alliance quests and work with other teammates.
  • communication, teamwork, perseverance and patience is the key
  • use your resources wisely and focus on upgrading gears, wings, mount, spirit and accessories according to the skill of your chosen class.


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May 12, 2019
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Adds 2 to 3 levels a day depending on how you play.

- Worship (Statue of roland lead and top power)
- Loren feast every 9-9:30pm( If may sponsor )

- Worship top 10 rankings for exp.

- Normal dungeons
- Daily dungeons 30 MIN. ( Exp. DUNGEON use 3x exp boost)
- Party dungeons
- Devils tower( Can be raided one's a day for floors cleared)

Daily quests
- Devil square
- Bloody castle
- Side quests (Monster Hunt)

Alliance(2X 9PM- 9:30PM)
- Fortune sharing
- Alliance quest
- Alliance bonfire
- Alliance quiz
- Soul instill

Farming monster( Use 2x exp )
- Farming high level monsters for quest
- World boss (Time limited)

DO THIS AND YOU WONT FIND LEVELING HARD pero kung may pera . Bili na sa grand purchase ng exp potions.

P.S Farming gold lang sa Zen dungeon.
P.P.S Stick to stats not bp ...


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May 12, 2019
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Guide sa mga nag uninstall, reformat, hard reset ng phone na binded yung account either sa google or facebook.

So lets say 100% sure kayu na binded na account nyu sa google or facebook then pag pasok nyu sa game wala na character nyo or after ng install, reformat, hard reset ng phone wala na account nyo.

Tap nyu yung google icon if google binded account nyu.
Tap nyu yung Facebook icon if favebook binded.

after that usually automatic na mag sshow kung anung server ka if wala hanapin nyu server nyu then PoooF! it became koko crunch... andyan na char mo.. if wala then hindi binded accont mo need nyu mag file ng ticket/complain sa GM. Thats all i thank you.