MU Origin Wings Infusion Guide


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Aug 12, 2015
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MU ORIGIN 2 new function: Wings Infusion, which can increase Wings' Stat.
Many players don’t know much about Wing Infusion System, and now let me introduce it for you!

Main Screen - Avatar - Wings - Infusion
Unlocked at Lv.290
After a long wait, warriors on MU Continent can infuse infinite power into the soul of the wing by using Rock’s Feature.

Wings Infusion Strategy:
1. Use Rock’s Feature to upgrade the basic Stats of wings to increase player’s Defense stat.
2. The limit of Infusion is limited by the Wings Rank.

Use Diamonds instead of Rock’s Feather. Use Diamonds to rank up or infuse to get the chance to get Crit effect and gain large quantity EXP from Wings level up and infusion.