Mu Ronin Mobile Game Version 8.0


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Feb 11, 2019
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*Server 1 Opened December 2018
*New Server 2 Opened February 6, 2019

Download Link:
Copy link and paste it to chrome browser.
Dont just click the link.
or this:…

(Come & join at the Official MU Ronin Mobile page for more details and update)

✴️Come and Play with us!✴️
Starting Item
1 Billion Bound

Epic Set + 9
Epic Weapon +9

Instant Wing +20 available in Unbound shop mall

Whole Bunch
Of Fashion Wings

5000 unbound Diamonds every 15 minutes

Farmable bound diamonds

Farmable Collection items
Champion Dumplings(Stars honor) on all mobs
Mu and O stickers on all mobs
R stickers from Elites
G stickers from World bosses (Crystal Mine bosses)

*Tier 8 mount equips in Collection and Tier 9 mount equips with 5% options in webshop.
*Talisman Tier 12 in Collection

Fashion Foot Prints
(Weekly change of footprints in "Most Popular")

✅ 100 Max Level
(21 Reborn)

✅ 6 Class Server
✖️Dark Night.
✖️Dark Magician.
✖️Elf Archer.
✖️Duel Master Wizzard.
(Rebirth 3 you can use)
✖️Duel Master Knight.
(Rebirth 3 you can use)
(Rebirth 3 you can use)
6 Skill With buff
Character Simplify
Item Link • Item Preview
MU Kill System
Character Preview
Updated Item Compound [no need to split materials]
First Recharge
Attack Set Option:
Epic Helm Attk
(+20 80 Option)
Epic Armor Attk
(+ 20 80 Option)
Epic Gloves Attk
(+ 20 80 Option)
Epic Pants Attk
(+ 20 80 Option)
Epic Boots Attk
(+ 20 80 Option)
Epic Necklace Attk
(+ 20 80 Option)
Epic Ring Attk
( +20 80 Option)

Tier 13 Reforge
Set + 80 Option
Tier 13 Reforge
Weapon + 80 Option

Huntable Pet
Deity Dragon
( 5% Options)
Deity Phoenix's
( 5% Options)
Deity Tiger
( 5% Options)
Deity Tortoise
( 5% Options)

In-game Web Function
In-game Item Shop
Auto Pilot [Auto Attack to Nearby Monster]
Drama Dungeon
Pots Based
Combo base
✅Huntable item
Active and Friendly staffs
No bias/No Friendly gaming
MU Ronin Mobile

✔️Roland Castle Siege ever Wed & Sat
8PM ~ 9PM
✔️Team Battle up to
8v8. - 1-4-7-10 AM/PM
✔️Crywolf Guild War.
Mon Th Fri
7-8 PM

➡️FB Page:…/