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MU Server List

Discussion in 'MU Online & Mu Origin' started by admin, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator
    Staff Member

    We will be compiling MU servers in this thread, all posted outside will be deleted or merged
  2. ScriptKid

    ScriptKid Newbie Gamer

    Server Links:

    Website: http://meridianmu.com
    Forum: http://forum.meridianmu.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/official.meridianmu/

    Our Vision:

    To be a nonprofit server, we provide state of the art long term services to the public. Donation for credits will be used to keep the server up and running to further develop our products and services. We assure that players get 10 times more than what they donate for as a courtesy to their support and loyalty. Part of the profit generated will be given back to the Meridian MU community by throwing away events, raffles and more. Meridian MU will also support a certain charity institution in the future and cooperate in public service.

    Our Mission:
    To provide the best gaming experience to our community for the longest time possible. We aim to achieve the satisfaction and premium support for our players. With this, we also strive to provide you with the best services plug and play for easy accessibility. Our development team is pro-active in finding the best up to date features for the benefit of the server and the players.

    Community Support:
    And also for community support, such as hack and scam cases, or simple gaming problems. We support the in game community to create a good environment for all ages. We also have a pro-active forum staff who will be there to provide answers to questions and make our forum community a good place to hang out and share your thoughts in.

    About Us:
    We are not a “pay2win” server, we are a “play2win” server. Donations are welcome. This is to make the server functional and running, thus, we are not forcing our players or soon to be players to donate for us. We assure you that BEGINNERS can battle up with our contributors. All items can be hunted, it's not going to be easy but we will assure you that everything will be balanced for both BEGINNERS and VIP players.

    We bring you the Official Server Information that we are using during the Open Beta Test

    Server version : Season 6 Episode 3
    Experience: 1000x
    Drops: 50%
    ML Exp: 50x
    Max ML : 200
    Point Per Level : 5/7
    Max Stats: 32767
    Reset: Level 400
    Phantom Soldier : Till 250
    Reconnect System: ON ( It will reconnect you if you get DC )
    Webshop: ON
    Cashshop: ON
    Auto Party: ON
    Level 380 Items Drop Map: La Cleon
    Potion Delay: 0.5 Second
    Mu Helper : Level 80 ( cost 1000* level )
    Guild Create: 250
    Excellent Ancient: ON
    Excellent Socket: ON

    Character Requirements

    Magic Gladiator : 220
    Dark Lord : 250
    Rage Fighter Can be created using ticket @ cashshop
    Summoner Can be created using ticket @ cashshop

    Chaos Machine Rates:

    + 10 : 90% with Luck + 25%
    + 11 : 85% with Luck + 25%
    + 12 : 85% with Luck + 25%
    + 13 : 80% with Luck + 25%
    + 14 : 70% with Luck + 25%
    + 15 : 60% with Luck + 25%

    Wings Creation:

    Wings Level 2 : 90%
    Wings Level 3 : 50%
    Cape of Lord: 90%

    Jewel Rates:

    Jewel of Bless : 100%
    Jewel of Soul: 50 / with luck 75%
    Jewel of Life: 75%

    Party Settings:

    With Same Class in a party
    2 members in a party = 2200
    3 members in a party = 2000
    4 members in a party = 4000
    5 members in a party = 4500

    Golden Party
    With different class in a party
    3 different class in a party = 3000
    4 different class in a party = 4500
    5 different class in a party = 5000

    InGame Quests and Events

    Devil Square (1-7)
    Blood Castle (1-8)
    Chaos Castle (1-7)
    Chaos Castle Survival Event
    Illusion Temple Renewal
    Imperial Fort Event
    Double Goer (Doppelganger)
    Castle Siege
    Loren Deep
    Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
    Golden Monster Invasion
    White Wizard Invasion
    Battle Soccer
    Kalima (1-7) Event
    Kanturu Event
    LaCleon Event
    Last Man Stating Event (Custom)
    Bonus events Event (Custom)
    Santa Village Event
    Halloween Event

    Command List:

    /offtrade - Personal store offline mode(can be use at Noria/Devias map only)
    /post <message> - can be use from lvl 1 and its cost 10k zen
    /requests <on/off> - allows you to enable/disable incoming requests(pt, trade and etc)
    /setparty <password> - allows you to set pass to your pt. whisper the pass to the leader to join the pt
    /addstr , /addagi , /addvit , /addene , /addcmd - allows you to add specific amount of points
    /prop <PlayerName> - allows you to send a wedding proposal(can be use at devias2 near the podium)
    /accept - allows you to accept wedding proposal(Homosexual wedding is not allowed)
    /teleport - allows you to teleport to your spouse
    /war <GuildName> - allows you to start a guild war(only for guild masters)
    /endwar <OpponentGuildName> - allows you to end active guild war(only for guild masters)
    /battlesoccer <GuildName> - allows you to invite guild to a soccer game at arena(only for guild masters)
    /socstop - allows you to stop a soccer game(only for guild master on active soccer game)

    Website Features:
    We have a stable , user friendly and secured website. You can do reset, add stats, shop for items, buy VIP subscription, clear inventory, clerk your PK status, etc. Aside from those, all BEGINNERS can get their starting items FOR FREE. Yes, you heard it right IT'S FREE! Monthly servers will be having a PROMO CODES , what's that for? Every month, we will make an event on our forum on our Facebook Page and we will be posting the codes there. You will get free credits, free items, free subscription and more.

    We at Meridian MU want the best for our players and to make updating of clients hassle free, we have a launcher that user friendly for a not so "technology geek" person. Whenever there is/are a new update, once you run the launcher, it will automatically update your client. And also, players can only run the game by our launcher not main.exe.
  3. Groot

    Groot Newbie Gamer


    Norebrith - young, ambitious MMO-game project focused on the English-speaking audience, created by well talented and experienced developers in the field of MMORPG featuring professional technical support. Latest features of the gaming universe, creative innovations, a revolutionary approach to the old content - all that can be found on Norebirth. Our project presents you Asgard x10 no-reset server. We are ready to offer you the most functional and competitive season 12 build with off-like character settings and modernised gameplay mechanics! Everything will be in the best traditions, lots of fun is guaranteed! Our project will radically differ from other servers in many ways. If you think that this is another random server, then you are very wrong. Only understanding users will be able to assess our hard work, our soul which we are putting into this large-scale project. A special attention should be payed to the following things: a limited number of stat points, same as in off-like, non-reset servers. That means that every single user will be able to come up with his own, unique build, which will positively affect the overall balance. Many of the characteristics that looses their beneficial properties on high reset servers will remain relevant and actual, and the variations of useful items will become much larger.

    Despite such low rates, our server is not planning to become one of those where levelling will take years, and where beginners can forget about reaching the top in several months. Thanks to the non-reset system, nearly perfect dynamic system, various stat builds and our unique achievement system, our server will be in demand at any stage of its life, meaning that newcomers coming to our server will not experience much discomfort. Norebirth, and is that all there is? No, that's not all. In fact, our team is not only duplicating Webzen achievements, but also brings additional gameplay customs. Usually, it has something to do with the website, as a huge piece of content is tied to it. A new, unique castle building system - a kind of resource manager for the castle owners. Market and character auction house, which although can be find on many game servers, is made with the maximum convenience for our players. And of course, our original achievement system - if you are bored, then there will be dozen of tasks to do.

    Website features
    The original achievement system adds variety to the gameplay and makes it more interesting. These are various game trials, completing which will grant you different advantages, including game currency. A unique feature in the form of buildings and castle management diversifies the main event - Castle Siege, making it even more exciting and interesting. After each successful siege, the winner gets access to a special interface on the website where he can build constructions and get profit from them as in the well-known Heroes of Might and Magic game. The character auction allows you to safely sell or buy highly leveled or even well-equipped character. The auction works based on the lots and rates, and sometimes a real fight starts for a single character. Insidious system of character full scanning added, from which no one can hide. Almost all the data is available about each character in the web through search or by tracking his nickname in the rankings. Market, where you can sell or buy any items from other players, has quite handy filters, through which even the trading process appears as a separate gameplay element. VIP - a special status, which can be obtained by spending a good amount of time in the game, contains many useful functions starting from simply removing PK status up to "invisibility". User friendly website with lots of other small features. Since a large part of gameplay is tied to it - we have created all the conditions for a comfortable stay on the Web component of our project.

    Play2Win concept
    There is no webshop, where you can buy in-game armours. All we have is a limited x shop and vip only! Guess you're wondering why we have called our x shop - limited? Basically, we have limited x shop to it's maximum point, meaning no chaos cards, no lucky sets, basically nothing that could give advantage to players. Besides, we have reduced seal, pet and transformation ring % of gained experience - they have been cut significantly.

    Norebirth MU Online website: Norebirth MU
    Our community / forum / support: Norebirth Forum
    Registration: Sign Up - Norebith MU
    Download game: Files - Norebirth MU

    Launch day information
    And now about the launch! Server will be launched on October 12 at about 18:00 server time. Start will be carried with the support of Playdeon and Warius teams, which for several years is developing and maintaining MU Online servers. The reason we chose this day and time is that most people will be free from work and studies, yet before peak hours' smashing impact. This will also be an optimal time for many staff members as we expect to work without sleep during the early launch days.

    Social network
  4. ScriptKid

    ScriptKid Newbie Gamer


    OBT Still ongoing and all OBT players will get an exclusive reward from us

    2nd stage of OBT commence next week so wait for more updates and fix


  5. Groot

    Groot Newbie Gamer

    Server starts in 3 days! :)
  6. Notax

    Notax Newbie Gamer



    Legacy MU Online Grand Opening 15th October UTC+2 18:00


    Website: Legacy MU Online Season 9 Episode 2
    Forum: Forums - Legacy Mu Online Forums

    After 4 long months of work on our 40x server, we can avouch that our server is ready for opening. We are launching legacy mu online on middle of october, 15.10.2017. Registration is available now, and download links will be added in next couple of days.

    General Legacy Mu Online Information
    • Version: SEASON 9 Episode 2
    • Experience: 40x
    • ML Experience: 20x
    • Drop Rate: 50%
    • Max Level: 400
    • PPL: 5/7
    • Bless Bug: Off

    New Features
    • Webshop: No Webshop - only limited cashshop
    • Offleveling: Enabled - Fully working offlevel system.
    • Reconnect: Enabled - if you got dc, you will be automaticly reconnected to game
    • AutoParty: Enabled
    • Duel System Damage reduction : 60%
    • MuHelper: Enabled
    • MuBot System: Enabled

    Resets and Grand Resets

    • Max Reset: 25
    • Max Grand Resets: 15
    • Reset Reward: 10 Credits
    • GR Reward: 500 Credits
    • Reset Price: 5kk x reset count
    • GR Price: 50kk x GR Count

    Party Experience Bonus
    1. 2 members in a party: -10% Experience
    2. 3 members in a party: -5% Experience
    3. 4 members in a party: +5% Experience
    4. 5 members in a party: +10% Experience

    Gens PVP Maps
    • Atlans 1
    • Vulcanus
    • Kanturu 1
    • Swamp of Calmness

    Features and Events

    • Full information about Chaos Machine
    • Party Experience
    • Muun Rabbit Event
    • Fireflame Ghost Event
    • Fortune Pouch Event
    • Coming More

    Item Mix Rates

    • Item +10 Mix Rate = 60%
    • Item +11 Mix Rate = 60%
    • Item +12 Mix Rate = 60%
    • Item +13 Mix Rate = 55%
    • Item +14 Mix Rate = 55%
    • Item +15 Mix Rate = 40%

    Socket Items
    • Socket Item +10 Mix Rate = 40%
    • Socket Item +11 Mix Rate = 40%
    • Socket Item +12 Mix Rate = 40%
    • Socket Item +13 Mix Rate = 35%
    • Socket Item +14 Mix Rate = 35%
    • Socket Item +15 Mix Rate = 30%


    • Pentagram +10 Mix Rate = 40%
    • Pentagram +11 Mix Rate = 40%
    • Pentagram +12 Mix Rate = 40%
    • Pentagram +13 Mix Rate = 35%
    • Pentagram +14 Mix Rate = 35%
    • Pentagram +15 Mix Rate = 30%

    Legacy Mu Online Wing Mix Rate
    • Level 2 Wings Max rate = 70%
    • Level 2.5 Wings Max Rate = 60%
    • Level 3 Wings Max Rate = 40%
    • Level 3 Wing Exe option rate = 20%
    • Level 3 Wings luck rate = 20%
    • CapeOfLordMixMaxRate = 70%

    Socket Weapon Mix Rate
    • Socket Weapon Mix Rate = 40%

  7. lovelydeny

    lovelydeny Newbie Gamer



    Legacy MU Online Grand Opening 15th October UTC+2 18:00


    Website: Legacy MU Online Season 9 Episode 2

    Forum: Forums - Legacy Mu Online Forums

    Legacy Mu online is bringing new unique low rate mu online server, for hard rate leveling fans. We are here to deliver best quality and high performance mu online server. Administration with more than 10 years experience in mmorpg development.

    General Legacy Mu Online Information

    *Version: Full Season 9

    *Experience: 40x

    *ML Experience: 20x

    *Drop Rate: 30%

    *Max Level: 400

    *PPL: 5/7

    *Bless Bug: Disabled

    *Duel Damage: 60%

    Full information about server configuration/events you can find - here

    Server Features

    *Webshop: Disabled (hot)

    *Off Leveling: Enabled (hot)

    *Reconnect: Enabled

    *AutoParty: Enabled

    *MuHelper: Enabled

    *MuBot System: Enabled

    LegacyMu Special Features

    *Boss Of The Month (hot)

    *Find The Key Event (hot)

    *Mu Roomy Event

    *Muun Rabbit Hunting

    *Fireflame Ghost Event

    *Fortune Pouch Event

    Reset Information

    *Max Reset: 25

    *Max Grand Resets: 15

    *Reset Reward: 10 Credits

    *GR Reward: 500 Credits

    *Reset Price: 5kk x reset count

    *GR Price: 50kk x GR Count

    Party Experience Bonus

    *2 members in a party: -10% Experience

    *3 members in a party: -5% Experience

    *4 members in a party: +5% Experience

    *5 members in a party: +10% Experience

    Gens PvP Zones


    *Atlans 1


    *Kanturu 1

    *Swamp of Calmness

    Item Mix Rates

    Item +10 Mix Rate = 60%

    Item +11 Mix Rate = 60%

    Item +12 Mix Rate = 60%

    Item +13 Mix Rate = 55%

    Item +14 Mix Rate = 55%

    Item +15 Mix Rate = 40%


    Socket Item +10 Mix Rate = 40%

    Socket Item +11 Mix Rate = 40%

    Socket Item +12 Mix Rate = 40%

    Socket Item +13 Mix Rate = 35%

    Socket Item +14 Mix Rate = 35%

    Socket Item +15 Mix Rate = 30%


    Pentagram +10 Mix Rate = 40%

    Pentagram +11 Mix Rate = 40%

    Pentagram +12 Mix Rate = 40%

    Pentagram +13 Mix Rate = 35%

    Pentagram +14 Mix Rate = 35%

    Pentagram +15 Mix Rate = 30%

    Legacy Mu Online Wing Mix Rate

    Level 2 Wings Max rate = 70%

    Level 2.5 Wings Max Rate = 60%

    Level 3 Wings Max Rate = 40%

    Level 3 Wing Exe option rate = 20%

    Level 3 Wings luck rate = 20%

    CapeOfLordMixMaxRate = 70%

    Socket Weapon Mix Rate

    Socket Weapon Mix Rate = 40%






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  8. SyosS

    SyosS Newbie Gamer

  9. Notax

    Notax Newbie Gamer


    Server will be opened 15th December 17:00 Servertime

    The best PvP/PvE mu online server created and maintained by proffessional developers with a passion for Mu Online. Here you will have the best content on the top of the best hardware.

    Welcome to the mu online server you have been looking for! You might be asking yourself, why should i join them and what makes them so different than any other of the many servers around? And well, its simple, after many years of developing/balancing and actually playing mu online, we know what we want to accomplish and what we are capable of. We are here to deliver you the best stability and high performance available. Our server is powered by latest IGC Files and we are going to make best of it.

    We are professional developers with over 10 years of experience in developing mu online servers, so we have learned a lot and we can contend that we know what players want to see in the game. It will be not just adding custom elements and events, but actually encouraging you to play the game on an active manner to make a progression. We want you to enjoy every aspect of a game that can offer you so much more than just leveling, wich is where every mu online server fails. This will be an adventure in wich you will face many obstacles and where you will actually see your character evolving into what you have worked for and what you dreamed off.

    What do we want to accomplish?

    First, we are here to deliver a true play 2 win mu online server!. What does that means? You wont be able to buy any kind of items for cash - simply no webshop. Our main priority is to balance gameplay between donators vs free users. We also want you to progress based on PvP and PvM wich means that you wont be able to become the best player just by afking or buying VIP statuss, you will need to prove yourself in many ways.
    We want you to be competitive, to fight for that loot on that boss, to fight for the castle,to make your own team for illusion temple, to make a perfectly balanced party to defeat that one boss that everyone wants to kill. We know how to make this possible, we have the experience for it. So basically, this will not be the usual mu online experience you have seen around, it will be so much more, a long-term, worth investing your time, fun and unique experience.


    Launching and Beta Testing
    Server Official Launch Date: 15.12.2017
    Open Beta Test Available on: CLOSED

    Useful Links
    Website: http://www.offmu.com
    Forum: http://community.offmu.com
    Registration: http://www.offmu.com/registration
    Downloads: http://www.offmu.com/downloads

    If you have already noticed, or not we have posted only most important information about server here, all detailed information about our mu online server will be posted in our forum during OBT ( Open Beta Test).


    Version: Season 12 Episode 2 - Full HD Resolution Available
    Max Level: 400
    Max Master Level: 420
    Max Stats: 32767
    Points Per Level: 5/7
    All characters from level 1
    Item Drop :
    Webshop: Disabled

    Experience Settings
    Dynamic Experience: 1000x
    Master Level Experience: 100x
    Event Experience: 2000x

    More information about experience settings you can find HERE

    Reset Settings
    Reset Level: 400
    Max Resets: 250
    Reset Points: 500
    Reset Stats: Yes
    Reset Price: 5kk x Reset Count
    Reset Rewards: 5 W-Coins

    Grand Reset Settings
    Grand Reset: 250 Resets
    Grand Reset Reward 1: 250 W-Coins

    Grand Reset Reward 2: 1000 Reset Coins (hot)


    • New Map: Nixies Lake
    • New Sets:Holyangel Mastery Set
    • New Weapons: Darkangel Weapons
    • New Class Improvement
    • New Map Ferea
    • Darkangel Mastery Set
    • Bloodangel Weapon
    • Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon
    • Character information Window Improvements
    • New Skills
    • Elemental System Update
    • New Socket Items
    • Socket System Expansion
    • New&Upgraded Pentagrams
    • Hunting Log
    Every single mu online game event will have unique configuration, event thos events wich are not listed, latest items and ruud points will be available in last events.


    • Nixie Battle Event
    • Ferea Battle Event
    • Labyrinth of Dimenstion
    • Last Man Standing
    • Lord Silvester Boss
    • Loren Deep Event
    • Medusa Event
    • Santa Claus Event
    • Raklion of Hatchery Event
  10. CocaColax

    CocaColax Newbie Gamer


    New World x1000 is coming up. It is easy at start but harder when get more
    resets because of Dynamic Experience. Fair game guaranteed since our server
    is covered with Premium Anti Hack System. You can zoom in or out a view
    because of great feature 3D Camera. No full option items and stat points
    are limited as well. Contact us anytime if have any questions.


    - Special Great Customs
    Pack and Unpack Jewels with Commands
    Store and Offstore Sell for Wcoins
    Attack and Offattack Leveling Offline
    Custom Automatic Drop Event Daily
    [Check Forum Guides to see how it works]

    - Standard Server Info
    Version: Full Season 12
    Experience: 1000x
    Master Experience: 200x
    Drop Rate: 40%
    Maximum Level: 400
    Maximum Master Level: 500
    Points Per Level: 5/6/7
    Limited Stats for 1 Characteristic : 20 000
    Monsters per Spot: 5 - 8
    Monsters Power Adjusted
    Create Level MG, DL, SUM, RF, GL: 110
    Boss Monsters Increased Power
    Bronze, Silver, Gold Party Builds
    Mu Helper Use from Level 10
    Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel Sets
    Different Gens Can Join Party, Guild
    Create Guild from Level 300
    Shadow Phantom Soldier Buff till Level 350
    Shadow Phantom Buff Duration Increased to 2 hours
    Marked Spots on Minimap: Press TAB
    Non Pvp Maps are Atlans and Karutan
    All Battle Maps Experience Increased +20%
    Cash Shop remade, No Over Powered Items
    Seal Buff Exp % Lowered, Not too much boost
    Get 5 Goblin Points per every 10 minutes online
    Wings Level 4 removed, Make level 3 in game
    Items Level 350 / 380 / 400 / 600 / 800 wear from level 1.

    - Dynamic Experience
    Reset 0 - 30 = 1000x
    Reset 31 - 40 = 700x
    Reset 41 - 50 = 600x
    Reset 51 - 60 = 500x
    Reset 61 - 70 = 400x
    Reset 71 - 80 = 300x
    Reset 81 - 90 = 200x
    Reset 91 - 100 = 100x

    - Resets and Grand Resets Info
    First Reset Level: 350 - Command /reset in game
    Next Resets Level: 400 - Reset in Website only
    Reset Limit: 100
    After Reset Stats Clear
    SM, BK, ELF, SUM: 400 Free Points x Resets
    MG, DL, RF, GL: 450 Free Points x Resets
    Reset Reward: 20 Topcoins
    Reset Cost: 1kk Zen x Resets
    Grand Reset From: 100 Resets
    Grand Reset Limit: 9
    After Grand Reset Stats Clear
    All Classes 3000 Free Points x Grand Resets
    Grand Reset Reward: 11 000 Topcoins
    Total Stat Points after 9 GR: 27 000
    Total Stat Points with 9 GR and 100 R: 67 000 and 72 000

    - Game Events and Rewards Info
    [Guide] Invasion Event Times
    [Guide] Standard Event Times
    [Guide] Box and Other Rewards
    [Guide] Boss Rewards
    [Guide] Event Rewards
    Open our Website to click on Guide Links

    - Web Item Shop Info
    Maximum Item Level: +10
    Maximum Additional Defense: +12
    Maximum Excellent Options: 3
    Maximum Chosen Socket Options: 3
    Excellent + Sockets: NO
    Excellent + Ancient: YES
    Excellent + Ancient + Harmony: NO
    Excellent + Harmony: NO
    Excellent + Pink: YES

    - Chaos Machine Info
    Mix Item Level +10 = 75%
    Mix Item Level +11 = 70%
    Mix Item Level +12 = 65%
    Mix Item Level +13 = 60%
    Mix Item Level +14 = 55%
    Mix Item Level +15 = 50%
    Item with +Luck = +25%

    - Jewel Success Rate Info
    Bless Success Rate = 100%
    Soul Success Rate = 65%
    Life Success Rate = 65%
    Harmony Success Rate = 55%
    If Item with Luck = + 25%

    - Game Commands Info
    "/move", "/post", "/addstr", "/addagi",
    "/addvit", "/addene", "/addcmd", "/pkclear",
    "/war", "/soccer", "/re", /store", /offstore"
    "/pack", "/unpack", "/attack", /offattack

    Some of Game Features:
    - All features from older versions
    - Party / Guild / Store Matching
    - [Upgraded] Pentagram System
    - [Upgraded] Muun System
    - [Upgraded] Socket System
    - [New] Grow Lancer Class
    - [New] Character Specialization
    - [New] Skill imprint
    - [New] Shop Sell Cache
    - [New] Ruud System
    - [New] Blood Angel Item
    - [New] Dark Angel Item
    - [New] Archangel Item Upgrade
    - [New] Hunting Log
    - [New] Skill tree skills
    - [New] Mini game Minesweeper
    - [New] Character Info Windows Improvements
    - [New maps] Event Square, Forea, Urk Mountain, Nars..

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