Multiplayer action game BATTLE CRUSH is now available globally through Early Access for iOS, Android, PC, and Switch

BATTLE CRUSH is NCSOFT’s new multiplayer action game that is now having its global early access available to all players. The early access is available in several platforms, including Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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Previously announced in February 2023, the game has garnered positive feedback from players during its tests as it allowed them to compete in the game with real-time opponents from around the globe. The game’s first closed beta test for Android took place in select regions while the second beta test took place this March. It was also earlier this year that BATTLE CRUSH opened its pre-registrations.


Calixers - heroes chosen by the gods - have come to conquer the arena. Join the fray where the strongest player out of 30 will be the last one standing. Leap into a new kind of battlefield filled with explosive energy.

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The goal of Battle Crush is to fight among up to 30 players from all around the world and become the sole survivor in the end. It is a quick, action-packed game where each round only lasts for 8 minutes at most. Survive as the ground collapses beneath your feet while enemies come for you from all directions.

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Key Features
  • Free-to-Play
BATTLE CRUSH is a free to play online multiplayer game.
  • MOBA + Battle Royale + Brawl
Experience thrilling 30-player battles filled with tension as mythical characters with unique skills clash for the ultimate victory! Enjoy the satisfaction of defeating opponents.

  • Cross-Play
Enjoy the game on various platforms and devices, checking game progress and rankings anytime, anywhere. Compete with friends and grow together.
  • Fast-paced, strategic team play.
The terrain shrinks, and various gimmicks emerge to provide fast-paced gameplay for all players. Rule the game upon your choice of new heroes, different game modes, and strategic item usage.

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  • Special Skills That Add Fun to the Game
The controls for Battle Crush are simple, yet the action skills are anything but. Combine 7 types of skills to enjoy satisfying gameplay, such as Light Attacks that consist of quick moves and combos and Heavy Attacks which knock enemies back with big blows. Remain invincible as you charge up your Ultimate, and dodge incoming moves following up with a quick counter with Dodge Attacks.
  • Treasure Chests and Items to Turn the Tables
Find the treasure chests and items scattered around the field. Items will help you survive, and gear will make your Calixer stronger. Mythic weapons obtained from unlocked treasure chests will grant you power to reign over all others.
  • Calixers - Characters With Unique Action Skills
Meet the Calixers! Poseidon, Hades, Medusa, Hermes, and other mythological figures have arrived at the arena looking more fabulous than ever. Each Calixer has their own story and unique skills. Choose your favorite Calixer and become the hero of this story!

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Various Game Modes
  • Battle Royale (Solo/Team)
A Battle Royale mode with up to 30 players fighting to be the last one standing. The arena collapses as time goes by! Find safe ground as enemies lurk around every corner. Join a party of 3 in Battle Royale Team Mode, keeping an eye on which Calixers your teammates pick and creating the perfect team.
  • Brawl (Solo/Team)
You can choose 3 Calixers to take to battle in Brawl Mode. Keep fighting until you are the only one left. The arena is smaller than in Battle Royale, making the battle more fast-paced and action-packed. Don't forget that consumable attack items activate upon collection in this mode.
  • Duel
Go against your enemies in this intense 1 vs 1 mode. The first to take 3 games out of 5 becomes the victor. You can see which Calixers your opponent has chosen before the game starts. If you lose in the previous round, you can choose an additional item.