My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Beginner’s Guide and FAQ's with Answers

Adapted from one of the popular manga and anime, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is an open-world action RPG MMO game that was developed by China-based Xin Yuan Studios and published by Sony Pictures Television, KOMOE Game Corporation, and A-PLUS JAPAN.


The game was originally released in Japan last year, 2020. It is a free-to-play game that was recently made available in Europe and USA for Android and iOS devices. For players that are also a fan of the anime series or manga, they can breeze through this game. However for beginners, they may find it difficult at first but don’t worry, this article will help you with the basics.

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The game starts with an option for players to watch a cutscene consisting of a visual depiction of the story of My Hero Academia or skip it. The cutscene is an introduction of the plot and characters for players that aren’t aware of the contents of the game. Note that it is not advisable to skip the cutscene since you will also skip the 100 Hero coins given if the cutscene was watched.


At the beginning of the game, players will be playing the character of Izuku Midoriya aka Deku, since at first players will not be given the chance to pick whoever hero they want. Rather after playing for a while and levelling up, that is the only time that they could get access to various playable heroes and villains. Players that are willing to buy heroes with real currency can get heroes that are in the A and S tiers but if not they would be given B-ranked heroes named Izuku Midoriya, Denki Kaminari, and Eljiro Kirishima. Players can upgrade the B-ranked heroes to S-ranked.

There are several modes in playing My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. The modes are Solo, Co-op, VS, and Timed.
  • For Solo mode, this lets the player participate in Combat Training, Story Campaign, Nights Ops, and Operation X. Combat Training will be accessible through the Peacekeeping Handbook option.
  • For Co-op, the features for this mode are not available at the beginning however an Emergency option is available sooner than the others. During a match, the player’s hero can team up with two random heroes within the game and fight. Players can also fight by teaming up with friends.
  • For VS mode, there is a Super Co-op Battle that serves as an easy way to get rewards, participate in a 3v3 battle via an auto battler mode five times a day and get hero coins as well as battle cards.
  • For Timed, this mode will only unlock after a player reaches Agent Level 25.

Now the highlight of this article is here. Below will be the tips for beginners of My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero.
  1. Know your characters - Heroes are put into three different categories: Power, Technique, and Speed. It is advisable to use characters from each category when engaging in a 3v3 battle.
  2. Get FREE stamina everyday - There are several ways to get free stamina. First, log-in during the fixed times to get free stamina. The times are 12:00 to 14:00, 18:00 to 20:00, and 20:00 to 22:00. Second, visit the dorms everyday and complete events for tokens and energy. Lastly, players can claim stamina at least 5 times from friends, to do this add a lot of friends to have a supply of free stamina.
  3. Log-in and complete missions everyday - Complete in-game events that can be found in Today’s News Section before their deadline since it’s only available for a limited time. Complete story missions, daily quests, daily, targets, and side quests for materials to increase character level and city levels. Participate in the Super Co-op Battle 5 times a day.
  4. Do the Training missions - In training, complete the basic combo moves the game asks to get Hero coins. Don’t forget to make sure the box next to unlimited power is checked to avoid cooldowns.
  5. Complete Dorm events to get Tokens - When visiting the dorms, an object will randomly appear on top of the heroes, tap the hero and bring them to the object that appeared inside the dorm for rewards.
  6. Farm Hero Shards - A Hero Trial will be unlocked after a certain level is reached, this will give the players a chance to farm Hero shards of their favorite hero.
  7. Auto-battler mode - Use this to gain advantage. If the odds are in the player’s hero's favor then victory is within your reach.
  8. Enhancing gears - Enhance the gears that will be given to you after some time since those gears will be more useful in the long run.
  9. Utilize your Hero coins - Save Hero coins for new event banners. Players can participate in Super Co-op Battle to earn Hero coins as long as they win.

In this section of the article we will answer questions regarding My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. Read this because maybe some of the questions and answers here will help you in knowing what you may need to do while playing the game.
  1. Max level of chips? For 6 star chips, the max level is 16.
  2. How many hero shards does it take to get the hero you want? B heroes require 10 shards, A heroes require 30 shards, and for S heroes 90 shards.
  3. Is there a way to turn off the short cutscene whenever a hero uses an ultimate? None.
  4. How many data collections are there? There are only 2.
  5. What will be the next banner? There isn't any news or posting yet regarding the next banner.
  6. If a Cafeteria Run failed, does the stamina consumed be back? Yes, you only spend the stamina if you succeed.
  7. Is it possible to add someone in my alliance even if they’re from another server? No. You can only be friends.
  8. What is Special Alloy? Are they worth it? Yes they are, since it is an item used to upgrade gear.
  9. Is it better to reroll if I haven’t played enough to get the beginners reward? If you think it is a better option for you then do it. But remember that once you reroll all your progress will be back to zero and the heroes that you have already got may not be the heroes you will get again if you reroll. Also, if you already spent money in the game it's better to just keep it.
  10. How do you complete the side quest for the Animal Rescue Team? Near Director Nezu there’s a bridge down one of the stairs. It’s in the right corner in front of the school.
  11. How do you use drones to rush missions? Click the Daily Quests which are on the upper right of the main screen. Click one of the quests and it will give you an option to track it or rush it if you have a drone. For Peacekeeping, tap the hero then training and tap the training item you need. Tap “get” and an option will also be given to you to rush on the peacekeeping if you have a drone at your disposal.
  12. How do you leave an alliance? Go to the Alliance screen, then “member”, tap your name then choose leave Alliance.
  13. Does the event pity system reset once you get Almight? Yes, if you do an S recruit it will reset and start again.
  14. Which hero can be used against Tokoyami on Auto PvP? Almight and Kirashima are the best options if you have them.
  15. Will there be a banner for Bakugou? In the original version, there have been banners for Bakugou. It seems likely that there will also be one in the NA/EU release.
  16. How do I go where the battle for stars for each of the characters in the game is? On the main screen, on the upper right, tap the icon for papers. On the left tab, second to the last, tap “Hero Rating” then tap the “Challenge”.
  17. Is there a way to repeat side quests? It seems that they repeat in the daily quests randomly, however, you can’t select them.
  18. How do you replay the main quests? On the main screen under your name, tap the Peacekeeping Rewards icon then tap the “Go” icon. Here, you can select the missions of the current chapter or tap the chapter title in the bottom left to change to other chapters and select a mission to play.
  19. Which Hero can counter Almight in Super Co-op Battle? Red Riot and Aizawa.
  20. Where is the last treasure in Night Op Chapter 3? Go back to the first part, by the hospital area, there is a stairway that leads up to a walkway bridge, go there and follow it then you’ll find the treasure.
  21. When does the Daily Sign In reset? Daily Reset happens at 12:00 UTC, this is 4am/5am PST/PDT or 7am/8am EST/EDT.
  22. Does the pity for the premium banner transfer to others? There is no definite answer about this but it seems that it does happen.
  23. Is there a way to get purple or gold character specific chips without spending real currency? Running the NIght Ops is the best choice.
  24. Any benefits in drawing 10 times at once? It's the same, just faster.
  25. What does the stat Tenacity do? It is a Crit Damage Reduction Stat. It reduces the damage you get from a critical hit attack.
  26. How do I get my hero to interact with the furniture in the dorm? Tap on the Member Icon in the left side of the dorm to add characters in the room then after that they will walk around. Tap the hero you added to control it and make it approach a furniture and then a 3 dot icon will appear.
  27. The game is crashing a lot in Bluestacks, what should I do? There’s no definite answer since even if you change the graphics settings it still happens.
  28. How do I increase my battle power? Recruit new characters then level them up.
  29. How can I reroll in Android? At present, the only way to reroll is to start a new game on another server.
  30. How do I give a friend a Stamina? On the bottom right, press the symbol then tap “Friends” on the left side. Tap the “Quick Gift” on the bottom right.
  31. Where do I go to collect scattered items in the city? You just need to run around the streets. A small blue glow is around a collectible item.
  32. If I switch regions, will I restart again? Of course.
  33. Do I have to be Midoriya all the time? No, you can change heroes. Tap the UA logo then tap “Hero”. Select any hero that you’ve unlocked and hit “Deploy” to appear as the hero you’ve chosen.
  34. What are the Support cards supposedly for? These cards can be used in battles to summon a hero to help you or to trigger a special combat effect.
  35. How do I get more food? Complete stages in the campaign and also supply battles.
  36. What is resonance for? It's for upgrading the rank of a hero.
  37. What to do if the game crashes? Since the game is a large power intensive game, you can lower the graphics quality and can also select the power saver option. The space on your device also affects the game, so if your device is almost at its limit, try to clear some space if possible.
Hope the tips above will help you on playing efficiently My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. Enjoy and have fun while playing the game!

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