My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero


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Aug 7, 2018
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My Hero Academy's Strongest Hero is an urban super hero action RPG game based from anime. This is an original story retelling based from the anime, every hero will be shown in the game.

Join the Hero Academy and get recognized by the heroes as you save the human world from the villains!

(the game is still in the development stage, not the final game quality, so stay tuned!)

The game will feature a unique battle system with unparalleled freedom, below are the screenshots

When supernormality becomes everyday, overhead becomes a reality. The advent of personality has gradually broken the balance of the world, the evil forces have spread quietly, and the heroes have also entered the stage of history! Xiongying High School and bloody teenagers gather again! "My Hero Academy" genuine authorized action mobile game "My Hero Academy: the strongest hero" debut!

The official full-scale supervision, the original world classics reappear,
hero dreams, rekindled here!

Blood, movement, flaming battle;
personality, daily, wonderful collision;

lead the heroes to build the strongest team,
create your own hero future!

This ordinary and unfamiliar world and the world that surrounds me, no matter how hard we dream, is still far away.

I believe that
no matter the overhead or reality, you can definitely surpass it!
Rush to the farther side, Plus Ultra!
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