My unban request for Valorant PH fb group


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Mar 16, 2022
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Julian Cruz
Facebook Group: Valorant PH -Facebook Group
Name: Arianne Julian Cruz
Description: When I was in the FB group I had fun watching the funny memes the valorant peeps were posting on the group. I thought of a clever idea to do one myself and it contained some "kiss scenes" that was probably the reason I got banned from the group. I really thought it was funny and it would blow up, it did blow up, but I wasn't really thinking about the consequences of my actions and I am regretting that I posted that video. If the staff do read this, I hope you unban me. I will never do it again and swear to not say, post or react to something that is inappropriate. I do hope that I get a second chance to rejoin the group and redeem myself from my wrong doings :D
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