My Youtube Channel (Arena of Valor and to be continued....)


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Nov 18, 2017
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Sup' guys (& girls) I'm gnivarCzed, I don't know any html stuff to make this thread look cool, so it will be plain text.
I'm a new creator for YouTube but I post rarely for I'm busy with academic stuff and priorities in my life, yes its only a hobby of mine to make youtube videos.

If you haven't noticed, My username here is my channel name and IGN in every game I play except for those games where my current IGN is non-existing. Below is a conversation about my name

Random Person:
Sir gnivarCzed, why does your name starts with a small letter and has a Capital letter on the middle when in most cases the names should have the Capital thingy majiggy infront?

gnivarCzed: Its because my name is supposed to be read beginning on the middle. You read at C backwards then at C forwards. resulting to Craving Czed.

Random Person: Why though?

gnivarCzed: I just like the idea, its Fancy and Fresh.

- Arena of Valor
- 1 Mobile legends: Bang Bang

If you want to check out my future, present, and past content feel free to subscribe:

Yes if you subscribe you will be a CRAVER its like the Broarmy but for my channel.
That's all, I appreciate everyone for reading this thread I typed inside a digital rectangular box