Mysterio Will Soon Grace The Wakandan Battlefield at Marvel Super War

Marvel Super War continues to offer exciting updates for superhero fans who still can't get enough of the Marvel Universe as they tease in their official FB page a new villain that will rise in the battlefield after their next update. This villain is no other than the enigmatic Mysterio from the Spider-Man series.

Mysterio or behind his globe helmet, Quentin Beck, is among the infamous supervillain that serves as one of the trickiest enemies of the web crawler. He is a former stunt man who has proficiency in illusions through his expertise in film special effects. He first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Issue # 13 and become well-known for his feat of framing Peter Parker's alter ego for robbing a museum. After that, he becomes a stape villain and even becomes a member of the notorious Sinister Six who vowed to make hell out of Spider Man's life.

Judging from the character description and origin of Mysterio, it can be hinted that he will be taking the role of either a Support or a Mage in MWS. We will know more about this villain after their June 18 patch update. Also, another thing to watch out for in the upcoming new skins and animation for Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Spider Man, and other heroes inspired by the blockbuster film Avengers: Infinity War.

Marvel Super War is currently on its Season 2 with Dare Devil being the latest hero that they released on the latter part of the month of May and taking up an Assassin role in the game. On their current patch, Ant-Man receives some buffed stats but also adjusted his overall assault power. Black Widow also receives a considerable upgrade on her abilities as well.

Players can still enjoy in-game events like Limited Time 30% discount that will last until June 17 and the Battle Training where you can have the chance to gain awesome rewards until June 21. They are also giving a really nice bonus for a newbie in the game below level 10 as they allow these players to gain access to heroes under easy difficulty from the weekly free roster as well as access to a new player roster.