Myth of Sword New Player Guide and Info


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Aug 7, 2018
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Do you think it’s easy to come to Immortal? You are wrong. You have to go though various trials and clear obstacles on your way. Although it’s hard, you can view numerous of beautiful sight and meet lots pretty friends. You are not alone because you have companion with you.

What is Immortal? Why being Immortal?
  • Immortal means you have to keep working and learning to be strong enough;
  • Immortal means you have to main justice in mortal world;
  • Immortal means you have to protect mortals from being hurt from Devil and Monsters.
They are….? It’s a secret.

Newbie Guide and TIPs:
  1. There are two types of these: Mount/Pet/Wing/Costume of each class when you create character.
  2. First top-up rewards will grant you at least 30K CP. No kidding!
  3. If your mobile is specific screen, you can adjust the game displaying way by adjust in setting bottom right.
  4. Remember check quests on right side. Because you might miss some rewards of completed quest.
  5. After you ride on mount, question is how to off it? Just click on the right bottom. So easy!
  6. Do you know that you can re-name your own pet with whatever you like~(What idiot name given by developers)
  7. Before offline, please activate your Offline Botting card for your sake.
  8. Items in game classified into two types: bind and unbind. Difference is unbind item can be sold in market for Jade.
  9. How to contact us? You can contact us via -- Facebook shortcut in game or Contact Us via Set by mail.
  10. You can upload the picture you like as your avatar in Heart Garden.
  11. If you need drop from specific boss in Boss Cave and World.
  12. Tower Tip: Go to Boss location in advance, which could save you at least 2s which might be necessary for your passing.
  13. There is Newbie lv in World Boss for players lower than 230. No one can kill you anymore. Who arrives at first will have the Boss.
  14. How to mark label for yourself in Heart Garden? Edit+
  15. Most of the material is free in Gift on main interface. Don't miss claiming daily. You can redeem giftcode here as well.

Install Guide

Official Playstore
Google APK: OBB File:
  1. Download both APK+OBB pack.
  2. Install APK first. After successfully installed, just leave it.
  3. Go to File folder of mobile. Locate Android folder, next “obb”folder.
  4. Create a new folder under “obb”folder, named as:
  5. Cope OBB pack into this new created folder.
  6. Go to main interface, and open the game.

    If you still have issues of opening game, please feel free to contact GM via PM.
Fairytell--XiaoSaint’s Ancestors

With a monkey appearance, XiaoSaint is unusual actually. He comes from the Family of Wukong Sun, a monkey with supernatural powers in <Journey to the West>.

Speak of the birth of Wukong Sun, it’s rather strange. It’s rather created rather than born. Right, he was created by nature and came into being from stone.

Thanks to nature, he had super power after he was created. However, he didn’t know how to take advantage of it. He could just get the basic skills, like flying into mountain hole, jumpping very high...

He lived alone in that mountain. Till One day, he was hungry and looking for food in nearby mountain. Accidentaly, he heard slightly sound far away, and stepped close to check...


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Jun 28, 2019
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any site I can use to top-up in this game .. I can't use globe telecom as a payment method .. thanks