Nadine Lustre at James Reid Gamer Daw? Cabal Mobile Beta Fixes, Special Force M Invasion and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Nadine Lustre at James Reid Gamer daw? Cabal Mobile Beta Impressions and Upcoming Fixes, Special Force M Invasion, Apex Legends Hackers, Call of Duty Mobile Beta, Google Stadia, NetEase Disorder

Nadine Lustre at James Reid Gamer

  • At para naman sa the buzz, susunod
  • According to the reports Nadine Lustre and James Reid are gamers
  • this is after an interview with ABS CBN where Nadine Lustre said that “that she'll happily support the fast-growing local eSports scene”
  • aside from that its also revealed the apparently that she apparently plays console games, here is here statement
  • “I play a lot of console games before so this is really close to me”
  • then James Reid also said in an interview that he reminisces playing his first gaming console specifically the Nintendo 64
  • where in he also praised Filipino players who are competing in a top level citing them as “really intelligent”
  • the couple showed their support in the last Dew Day gaming event as brand ambassadors of mountain dew ph
  • basically they are paid to say this things
  • however not everyone is impressed
  • here is what the netizens expressed
  • “Nakikigaya lang sa uso kasi sila”
  • “Nanalo lang Gamer na?”
  • “Hahaha.. First joke of the day”
  • “Plastic everywhere”
  • pero eto ang pinaka malupit
  • “Naka pers blad nga ko sa mL di naman binalita.”
  • haha oo nga naman pero dahil jan pambibigyan ka namin
  • breaking news!
  • “Daryl Sabedoria" aka Dee ay naka 1st blood napo , pasok!
  • then finally ““Eww” sabe ng isang user
  • take note pinili nalang namin ung mga comment na majo family friendly dahil ung iba mejo brutal na
  • but the most important is, what is you opinion? is Nadin Lustre and James Reid gamers?
  • or nakikiuso lang?
  • let us know in the comments

Google Stadia

  • Recently google revealed its latest gaming innovation called the “Stadia” short for stadium
  • this is a cloud based gaming meaning is you will need to stream the games from the internet to you compatible device
  • Stadia is touted as the future of gaming there is no more box needed and everything can be played as long as you can run chrome
  • Google stadia can play games a at 4k resolution 60 fps with HDR as shown in the demo
  • and according to google in order to get 1080p 60 frames per second you will need 25 megabits per second
  • but the question is if it arrives in Philippines will it run? is our internet even capable of this?
  • the short answer is not really, yes some users with fast internet can run google stadia
  • but the majority of the Philippines wont
  • not with our current infrastructure
  • kasi the reality is 480p na nga lang nag bubuffer pa, baka mabato mo lang controller

Call of Duty Mobile Beta

  • Recently the Call of Duty Mobile appeared on appstore and playstore and finally a pre registration is currently happening
  • according the to the reports this is in preparation for the upcoming beta of the mobile game
  • based on the call of duty mobile faq page
  • activation will be holding multiple pre-release beta events over the coming months
  • unfortunately there are currently no beta date schedules
  • as for which devices would work? there is no specifics as well however the official statement of the development team is that they are optimizing the game
  • this in both high end and if possible low end devices
  • Call of Duty Mobile will be a free to play game which will include game modes like search-and-destroy, a 10-player free-for-all combat, and deathmatch
  • its also hinted in the pre registration trailer that a zombie mode is coming then if you look closely at the very end
  • black out is coming, the battle royale version of call of duty mobile
  • so if you are interested you can go to the official website and pre register


  • Remember Netease? yep the developer and publisher of Rules of Survival
  • Well recently they announced a new game in the recent GDC
  • the game is called Disorder, a squad based mobile shooter
  • according to the info the game is centered around the theme of warfare set in the future
  • there is currently no info of what type of shooter game will this be
  • if it will become like warframe or left 4 dead
  • so will just have to wait however if you are interested you can pre register on the official website

Apex Legends Hackers

  • According to Respawn Entertainment’s latest patch notes
  • half a million accounts have been removed from Apex Legends server due to cheating
  • wow
  • according the games FAQ page Apex Legends is relying on an anti cheating system from Kamu
  • which is one of the anti cheating service for PC servers while on console they used the Xbox and PS4 built in anti cheating
  • to those who don't remember initially apex legends banned 16k accounts in mid feb
  • then on march they banned a total of 355k accounts
  • which has now risen to half a million
  • additionally they recently added a reporting system
  • so all reports are sent directly to the easy anti cheat system

Special Force M Invasion

  • Remember Special Force?
  • Well a new mobile version called Special Force M Invasion has appeared in the Playstore
  • and the developer is Dragonfly game whom you may know as the original developer of SF back in the PC version
  • according to the game description there are currently 6 playable characters and 10 different firearms to play with
  • they also mentioned the game will support voice chat
  • upon checking the game is running using the unity engine
  • however it doesn't look good as the games ui takes too much space and the graphics and animation is meh
  • hopefully overtime they can improve the game as this is very nostalgic specially for filipino gamers
  • as for the release date?
  • unfortunately there aren't any mentions not even beta

Cabal Mobile Beta Impressions and Upcoming Fixes

  • Cabal Mobile had a close beta recently and so far the mobile version garnered positive impressions
  • as the game remained faithful to its adaptation on the popular pc version
  • currently there is no overseas publisher or server announced for cabal mobile
  • so sadly the beta is still korean however according the reports the english version of cabal mobile will be released by the end of the year
  • also since the game was on beta EST Games posted an apology regarding the bugs which they assured that the next closed beta phase will be better
  • here are the highlights of the upcoming fixes
    • Critical Bug and Crash Error
    • overall level difficulty
    • UI / UX improvements
    • Tutorial Simplifications
    • Inventory and equipment Improvements
  • and many more
  • they also mentioned there is a connection error which which according to them is based from data environment
  • so if you are interested here is the minimum requirements for android users
  • Android OS 4.4+
  • RAM 3GB or Higher 2.8GB of free internal storage but note It can't be installed in a SD card
  • as for the date of the next close beta, sadly we dont have information for now
  • at least we know the game is faithful to the original version
  • and the EST games plan to release Cabal Mobile Globally by this year