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Jun 17, 2018
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Hey there Summoners! NAMELESS™ is a community created hoping to achieve and give not only what most clans/communities offer, but also something unique that no one else is able to give you. The Community League of Legends made to the players changed. As you can see, as time goes on, League of Legends right now is being surrounded by all these toxicity around us. That is why we're here. We value the close-knitted and "family" like social experience that we feel League of Legends fails to give, simply because of what kind of game it is. We're not searching people who simply want to escape from solo-queue, tired of whatever ranked spits in your face, but those who actually wish to be part of a community, a clan and what we offer. We offer a wide variety of social and fun experiences that a player, both casual and competitive truly can enjoy.


Take your gameplay to the next level! Er... actually, take a few steps back and kick up your feet. Stop the grind and join the coolest laid-back clan in the land!


We want to create a clan which can give what both casual and competitive players are looking for. We're hoping to create a social experience that no other clan nor the League game itself can offer. We strive to achieve a "family-like/close-knitted" social community that offers everything from forum discussion to in-game events such as; upcoming tournaments, ranked teams that can scrim with each other, regular premade. A community of active and likeminded people who love playing the same game; League of Legends.

  1. Knows formality.
  2. An open mind just waiting to discuss the opportunities of League of Legends and bring in new ideas.
  3. Active both at the particular websites (such as Facebook, discord) and in-game.
  4. Wish to be part of something more than just a "group of people who play the same game."
  5. Tiltproof.
  6. Non-toxic kind of player.
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