NARAKA: BLADEPOINT invites legendary mecha designer, Kunio Okawara, to co-design an original mech-themed outfit with 24 Entertainment

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT have been working closely with Kunio Okawara, a renowned Japanese mecha designer known best for his work in the anime industry, to design an original mech-themed outfit for Yueshan which is now available in game! This brand-new outfit creates an exciting clash of cultures within the game, bringing together a futuristic aesthetic with an ancient oriental world style. Once purchased, players will be able to equip Yueshan with 2674 Ruby-Red Emblem, this legendary new accessory, and transform him into a mech form[2] known as DragonCall when he releases the ultimate.


This collaboration goes live on June 19th (PT) after the patch has been released and during this time, players will be able to purchase the new accessory in-game and enjoy Kunio Okawara's innovative, mecha-inspired design.

Speaking on his collaborative work on this project, Kunio Okawara commented: "My collaboration with 24 Entertainment began with concept art design last year, and now we are finally presenting the final work to Naraka's players. The design of this mecha outfit incorporates many elements of dragons and is named DragonCall. The surge in collaboration with Chinese studios has had a profound impact on me, and I hope everyone can enjoy this mecha design together."

ID clip of Kunio Okawara

To celebrate this collaboration with Kunio Okawara, NARAKA are releasing a new entertainment mode to coincide with its launch: Neo-Mech Clash. In this mode, players will be divided into two teams, with the side that earns the most points winning the final victory. Start playing this new mode now and pilot a mech to dominate the City of Tang!

In addition to Neo-Mech Clash, players will be able to truly immerse themselves in the mech themes of the collaboration as a brand-new H5 mini-game has also launched. In the mini-game, players will be tasked with passing exams across three different categories: quiz questions; parkour tutorials; and parkour combat. Players who succeed across each category will obtain the final mech driving license which can also be shared with friends. Join in the fun and play the mini-game now:


Take a look below to check out what Naraka has in store for players throughout this collaboration:


More information about NARAKA: BLADEPOINT and this collaboration is available online here.

Check out the video:

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