Naruto 3D Team-up with the other Ninjas


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Nov 13, 2018
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“In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum, that’s true, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.“ -- Kakashi Hatake

A lot of quests and tasks in this game requires you to team-up with somebody first before you can enter. The reason is because the opponent are too strong that it is almost impossible for you to defeat it all alone.

To create team, Click on the Team button under the Task panel.

This the interface of the team where you are currently in.

(You'll see your teammates avatar here when you join a team)
Clink on Team Hall to see all the teams where you can apply to join. The groups here are sorted for easier browsing.

Groups are sorted from Multi-player dungeon, Daily Event, and etc.
For example, you are looking for a team for Shadow’s Trial. Here, you can see that these are the list of players who are also looking for other comrades for Shadow’s Trial.

List of teams that are looking for another teammate for a Shadow's Trial quest.
You can also click on Auto Match to automatically join a team according to the current task you have as long as the Team Captain approves your application.
Going to the Chat System under Hall, you will see players who are posting announcement about their team.

Aside from joining someone else’s team, you can create a team of your own by clicking Create Team.

Once you have created your own team. You can start recruiting other players to join your team.

Click this button to adjust what your team is for. On the picture below, we have selected Shadow’s Trial and only accepts players who are Level 29-99.

Once you have tweak the desired settings, Click the Shout button to broadcast it on the Hall chat. This way, other players will be aware of your group and will help you find other players who have the same mission as well.

The picture below shows the players who have applied on your team.

You can also invite your friends and guild members to join your team as shown on the picture below.

Only the team leader has the option to Kick its members. Also, you can add the players who have joined your team. Lastly, you can transfer the Leadership to the other members. Please take note that once you have given the leadership on other team members, you can’t revert or undo it. Unless, your teammate returns the leadership to you.

Once you have established a team. You are now able to enter quests or instances that requires a team such as Akatsuki Invasion and Assault Raid.
Note: The Team Leader initiates the quests and its members will receive a confirmation if they are ready. If your member did not respond before the timer runs out, other members who clicked Ready will be transferred on the quest while the ones who were left out will be transported after the event has ended. If a player refuses to go, he can close the interface without going to the event.

Finally, after the team is assembled, you can call your team members to come to you and click on the small flag next to the team members.

As the leader of the team, you have the option to call out all of your members. Your members will receive a prompt message and will be transported to you if they accept the call.

The members on the other hand has the option to follow their leader. Click the button as illustrated on the picture below will transport you to the location of your leader.

Also, you can leave the group by click the exit button as showed on the picture below.

Teamwork and cooperation is very important. Make sure to always connect with your friends in-game.

That’s it for the Team Introduction. Let your adventure as a Shinobi begins! Happy Gaming~