Natalie Guide and Build


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Oct 9, 2018
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Natalia is difficult to master due to her mechanics and abilities. A melee at the same time squishy having a task of going in to the middle of the enemy team and assassinate the carry as fast as possible and then go out. This hero also requires deeper understanding as it includes mind games from her passive that makes her tricky to play. Above all Natalia is very rewarding and can carry the entire team if you know how to player her well.

She is good in ganking and weak or should I say difficult in teamfight unless your teammate knows your role and will cover you up. On early level she is very good on bursting opponent to death with her dash – smoke and ultimate. With her smoke against auto-attack reliant hero such as marksman and fighter she can dominate them easily.

On early phase, just go roving as possible and kill laners. Just go on auto-attack reliant and kill them helplessly with your dash and smoke bomb. Just be careful with your dash as this comes tricky with reactivation especially if you are in auto target. Instead of going out from the clash this will go directly on your target.

Being an assassin, this is one of the most difficult role in game. The simplest way to do it is to let your team initiate first and go on behind or in blind spot. Once your teammate already got the attention of the enemy, that is the time you are going out from the bush and kill the carry. Be patient and remain in bush so you can take advantage the invisible state.