Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) wins the Rainbow Six Pro League 2019!

Do we have Rainbow Six players here?

Rainbow Six Pro League was held in Japan. Teams from Latin America, North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe battled it out, shots fired. Eight teams aimed for the prize pool of $626,000!

Two teams remained for the finals, DarkZero Esports versus Na'Vi (Natus Vincere). DarkZero Esports from North America has a strong roster, always at the top of the standings. Na'Vi (Europe), the Challenger League Season 9 Champions, finished top-ranked in European Pro League.

I guess, you guys betted on Na'Vi, as they have been always at the top of their game. Which they did not disappoint their fans as they scored 2 - 0 against DarkZero, taking the Rainbow Six Pro League trophy. Wow! From Challenger Champions to Pro League! They really deserve that win!

Also, there will be a Rainbow Six Invitational on February 14 to 16 2020, in Montreal, Canada. Aerowolf (Singapore), Team Reciprocity (North America), and DarkZero will join Na'Vi there.

Congratulations again to Na'Vi!

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