Naughty or Nice? Persona meets Magical Girls? Magicami: First Impressions and Overview

Gacha games usually fault being fan service-y at times, others celebrate it while others abhor it, and while this usually does not matter in the long run. The game can attract a lot of players if done right. But what if I told you there's a new gacha that raises that fan service to the next level if you are in the version that allows it? Not only that, but you definitely need some brains to work on some stages due to it having some difficulty spikes at times? Well, brace yourself as I tell you all about Magicami. The game where you will be reminded of Persona and Magical Girls all of a sudden.

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Magicami is an RPG game where you control magical girls in the quest to defeat demons. Your character is Tobio and you control a cat-like figure called "Omnis", you guide the girls as magical girls in this journey while remembering what are your memories with the girls in some ways, can't say more or it will be spoilers.

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Magicami has two versions, first is the SFW (Safe for Work) version which is hosted in or an NSFW (Not Safe for Work) version in What are the differences you ask? Well, it is really a topic that is suited for mature audiences. After all, the NSFW version has H-scenes and nudity involved in the story, so tread lightly if you seek to play that version, but if you prefer that, then go aboard and get it for the full experience. While others say that those scenes are non-necessity, it still intrigues a lot of players as this game is usually referred to as the game with hentai scenes.

Safe for Work cuts all the H-scenes, and makes it more friendly to the eyes of the public, haha. If you want to play outside the comforts of your home, or you lack the earphones you need to make it discreet in your house, then playing the SFW version is the way to go. Not to mention that majority of the collaborations the game will have been in the SFW version, collabs like Steins: Gate and Gotoubun no Hanayome which will be popular to the crowd when it finally arrives.

While the game is mainly published by Nutaku, Johren also hosts it so you can find it also there. The game is available through Android and PC. You can play in the Nutaku Desktop Client for the PC at the same time, just play in your browser.


Magicami is a game where you are pulled by someone called "Kamisaman" (this just means God in Japanese) and you are in the White Room, your role is to transform girls with the potential to become magical girls! Why do you ask? Well, there's a demon invasion that we have not known the origins yet. So, prepare yourself as you become "Omnis" and interact with the girls. The journey is not easy though, since the demons will be on your way to harm the girls.

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Whether it's by simply turning them into their demon counterparts or by other means (in NSFW version), you must avoid that fate of the girls by strengthening them with various dresses and levels to be ready on what the demons will throw at you. The story gets deeper once you are in the latter stages as there are more forces in play that will make you question some motivations of other characters. For a game that is focused on others due to its hentai tendencies, it is very interesting how the plot will move forward.


Aside from Kamisaman and Tobio in the White Room, you have 12 girls that you can play in the game minus the possible collaborations in the future. These girls are from schools that the Omnis recruits.

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Arihane School Girls include Iroha, a very genki and positive girl, Kaori, who always follows trends, Seira, the popular unreachable flower in the school, and Cocoa, as popular as Seira and her best friend, she has brothers she tends to as her parents died early. Takeraho School Girls meanwhile include Akisa, the strategist of the group, Ao, the one with a strong personality, Aka, which constitutes a big sister aura among her, and Eliza, the rich yet slightly slow girl in terms of her knowledge around things. Finally, the St. Charles Girls consists of the gyaru and stylish girl, Lilly, Hanabi, which may look disinterested yet might have a mysterious thing around her, the cute glasses-girl Marianne and finally, the idol, Iko.

All of these have various personalities which you might find interesting and be your waifu. After all, the game is a huge waifu collector aspect so it is best to find a waifu to be motivated to play the game.


The combat is your standard JRPG game. The camera angle might make you reminisce of the Persona series which I find the same. You will have to deal with the elements as well, although it can be avoided by brute-forcing your stats in the characters. Knowing how the elements interact will help you in gaining the upper hand in battles. Fire beats Electricity, Electricity beats Water and Water beats Fire. Meanwhile Dark beats Light and Light beats Dark, the last two are weak spots of each other so that will be easy for you to figure out.

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The party is set to 4 characters in one party. Some characters have specialties that you can focus to establish your team composition. Roles like Tank, Assist, Attack, and others are indicated so you can build teams more efficiently. You also equip sub-dresses to your party so you can strengthen them even further. It is noteworthy to add that putting dresses with the SAME ELEMENT and the SAME CHARACTER will have boost a certain character a lot so keep this in mind.

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The girls have various skills that can be classified as both AoE and ST. AoE means Area of Effect so it hits a number of enemies if not everyone. And ST means Single Target, which is self-explanatory. They also have buffs to their appropriate stats like Agility, Attack, Defense, and many more.

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Both PvP and PvE are in the game. While PvE is mostly the focus of the game, Sabbath is the PvP function of the game, in this mode, you can get Sabbath points which you can buy dresses and equipment that will be useful for your team. It is not necessary to play PVP always but it helps you boost your team, so there's that.

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The gacha rates of the game are very similar to the other, with a 3% UR rate which is the rarest of all. The Jewels in the game are easily obtainable through various story missions, dress stories, dailies, and a lot more. Gathering them to a 3K Jewels for a multi-roll with a guaranteed SR+ is the way to go. But you can also roll in the Premium Gacha through Tickets which doesn't matter if you do single or multiple rolls on it.

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The SRs and URs are very usable in the game and if you joined the pre-registration you get a lot of freebies that will be very useful in the long run. Rs are fit to be sub-dresses of the higher rarities so do not just throw them by selling them quickly.

However, since the game is very limited to a certain amount of people, especially since it's not hosted in Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the game pushed some paid gacha to compensate for their fewer populace. While others might see it as a P2W-looking and devious scheme. They must understand that the game needs money to thrive in their first steps so it is definitely understandable that they do this. We just hope that it will not turn into something truly greedy as the game is really great.

Graphics and Aesthetic

For a gacha game, the 3D aspect of the game is very pleasing. A lot of people have been complaining about the majority of the games being 2D so the community is itching for a new game that has a 3D aspect and Magicami fits the bill completely!

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The design is very lively and colorful that greatly shades the underlying darkness of the game completely. For those who are trying the game for the first time, they won't notice it until it is too late.

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The cinematics and the H-scenes are done well and it is high quality to the surprise of many. This is an unexpected thing to a lot as others may not think of this aspect as much as they expect that it might not be great to look at. Overall, the graphics are just splendid for this game.


One of the best thing that Magicami offers is the music. The opening intro of the game is a banger from start to finish, the battle theme is very catchy that you won't be tired of listening to it in a long time. Even the main music and happy themes are something to behold. Again, this reminded me of how great Persona is, other than the story and the gameplay itself so seeing Magicami containing great music is really amazing to see.


An obscure game with great potential. If you like the H-scenes, go for the full experiences, and play the NSFW version, but if you only want to play it for the magical girls and collaborations without the H-scenes then SFW is the key. Remember to notice the difference when downloading the game and you'll be dandy. Nutaku and Johren are the ways to download the game, so remember them when finding the download link of the game. I am currently playing and loving the game. So if you have any questions, do tell them in the comment section. I'd be happy to help!

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