NBA 2K16 – Story Is Everything Video Narrated By Spike Lee

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    The first video of NBA 2K16 – Story is everything is released. In this video, Spike Lee narrates why story is everything on basketball courts. He also ask, What will your story be? You can enjoy watching the video below. In case you missed, Spike Lee is writing NBA 2K16’s MyCareer mode.

    NBA 2K16 features Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis & James Harden on the game cover. The game is schedule to release on September 29 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC. But if you pre-order you will get it 4 days earlier on 25 September.

    It has also been revealed, this year in NBA 2K16 we will see new teams, shoes will look more real, crowds will be lifelike & improvement in player movement.

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