NCSOFT's Blade & Soul's Upgrade - Unreal Engine 4

Following the recent news of Frontier World shutting down on May 6, NCSOFT made a huge announcement for their June 2021 update of Blade & Soul Korean server. The Unreal Engine 4 project will still continue and is set to launch on June, however, there will be changes on how the development team will implement it on the game.


The key features for this update, "태동록" (or Taedongrok which means Birth Rock) are the following:
  • A “live” world of Blade & Soul upgraded with Unreal Engine 4.
  • Improved visuals compared to Frontier World, this the team’s first attempt at the Unreal Engine 4 upgrade.
  • New content such as 4-player dungeons and difficulty system.

In the previous version of Frontier World, the development team of NCSOFT "tried to show more advanced graphics by applying a physics-based rendering method," though this only resulted for the "unique personality" of Blade & Soul to be "diluted due to the difference from the light expression used."

Though with this new version 태동록, it will "improve the graphics of the game, including characters, while maintaining a "bloomy" visual through shader supplementation and post process improvement."

With the asynchronous loading, optimization and loading speed are improved. With this, the loading time required for map movement was greatly shortened. Moreover, the consistent lag, which has always been an issue because of the optimization due to the energy conversion, is expected to be reduced.


NCSOFT prepared 9 major upgrades for the 태동록 version of Blade & Soul, with the three above already revealed. Six more will be coming for the next few months, so stay tuned!
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