NCSoft's Trickster M Hits A Historical Record Of 2 Million Pre-registration Within 9 Days iOS Android 

If the previous announcement of the Pangya remake wasn't enough for you, then take a look at NCSoft's another game. Trickster M is on the roll after surpassing 2 Million pre-registrations in a span of 9 days! The game garnered a whopping 1 million pre-registration hit on their first day last October 28th.


Those numbers just showed how much the fans missed it since the day it left. We've seen a lot of old or classic PC games being ported to mobile platforms lately and Trickster M and its cute theme fits right into it. After NCSoft's acquisition of the original IP from NTREEV Soft, the development began and the announcement surely surprised the fans back in July 2020.


Trickster Online was once a lively game with global, Korean, and Japanese servers. They all went down in 2014 and in total, the fans are awaiting its return for 6 years already. Well, there's no use in recounting those days for here we are, at the pre-registration stage of its return! Of course, you already have those questions in mind - the when, how, and where.


Let's try to answer those questions one at a time. First off, the question of when. When it will be released? There's no official announcement given yet. Don't worry. We'll let you know as soon as we get our hands on any update. How? Now that's the long part. You'll need a Korean number in order to join the pre-registration. If you happen to have one, then you can head out to the Trickster M Advance Reservation link provided down below. What are the perks of pre-registration?


It doesn't look that much, but trust me, IT IS. It's a Chubby Chick pet, Poppuri Drill, and a Cavalier supply set. Based on their name, you already tell which is which. That Cavalier supply set is worth 10,000,000. That's a good headstart if you'll ask me. To answer the question of "where", the signs are positive that Trickster M will get a global launch.

If your Korean translation skills are great, might as well join the Samhaeng poem contest that they're holding as part of the 2M Pre-registration Celebration. The description says that you can find it on the official site but since I'm not good at translating Korean characters, I wasn't able to trace it. You can try it tho. What's in it for you? Well, 200 winners will be selected and will receive 10,000 Korean Won Google Gift Card.


The original Trickster plot features 8 playable animal-styled characters that went to Caballa Island for their own reasons. Don Cavalier's will became the reason for the game he launched on the island wherein the winner will get his fortune. The story progressed from there and was never finished due to the servers shutting down. According to the announcement, Trickster M's story will continue where the original game's plot.


As you can see in the image above, the drilling mechanics are still included in the game. The designs are solid and it did catch my attention too. So, before we end, I'm giving the credits back to NCSoft for the images and content I've used here. We're looking forward to the grand launch of your game. And, oh, let me remind everyone that Trickster M is a cross-platform game if all the features haven't satisfied you yet.

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