Need For Speed Mobile Gameplay features the return of open world

A few months ago, Need for Speed Mobile announced its Early Access for selected gamers in Australia. In addition, it was reported that the game was close to hitting Google Play Store. However, after those announcements, a lot of Android players, especially those who can't get a hold of the game's early access, were kept out of the loop with regards to the game's content.


Thankfully, few content creators have intervened to offer some recent footage from the Chinese version, giving some insight into the current state of the game. YouTube channels Techzamazing and DannyINTEL both recently posted gameplay videos from the beta build. Anyone who wasn't selected as a tester or who isn't in the appropriate geographic area for early access can view this clip to see how the gameplay for the mobile racing game is progressing.

We also get to have a look at the free-roaming game option, which gives you complete freedom to explore a sizable map at your leisure. One of the defining elements of the Need For Speed franchise is restricted car cruising, which is a relaxing method to recover after a tense race.

The gameplay footage of Need for Speed Mobile demonstrates how you may drive about the open environment and even get involved in various missions, such as attempting to stop an evading vehicle, if you want a break from simply competing to be the fastest. Along with this, there are lots of actual car models for you to try on.

If you want to participate in the upcoming beta testing when it becomes available, you can visit the official website. Although it appears that a lot of recruiting is conducted through the official Discord, you might want to pull up a chair and keep an eye out there.