Need For Speed Mobile is confirmed to have a 40 player races, original storyline, and more

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Need For Speed is one of the most popular franchises whichever platform it will be released on, it will surely become a sought-after game by players. With that, one of the most awaited games next year is Need For Speed Mobile.

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Though there are already some Need For Speed games that have been released on mobile devices, this upcoming game is something to look forward to since the game’s China version producer has confirmed that it will feature 40-player races, an original storyline, and more.

The Chinese producer revealed that the game will feature a race that can be participated by 40 people, a 24-hour day-night cycle, and a Weather/Seasons system that allows players to race in rain-soaked tracks and snow-covered roads. Additionally, the game will have an original storyline with chapters that can be expanded through updates. The same will happen to the maps as well.

For vehicles, classic cars such as the GTR Skyline will be available along with some free cars that can be gained through challenges. There’ll be a library expansion feature as well which can be used for music by players.