Need for Speed Online Mobile will be launching on August 31st this year in China

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Undoubtedly, Need for Speed Mobile is preparing to deliver an exhilarating racing experience on mobile devices, continuing the success of its PC games. There have been a lot of rumors regarding the release date of Need for Speed Online Mobile after its recent early access period in Australia. Now, it has been confirmed that the game may release in the summer, with the shop page date in China indicating August 31, 2024.


Need for Speed Online Mobile will be launching after a few more tests​

At a press conference that was recently conducted in China, the launch's specifics were disclosed. Recall that there were rumors the title would debut in January, but those plans fell through. That said, there would be some tests prior to launch, and following the conclusion of the tests, a pre-registration period would open at the end of December. There was recently a Pioneer Test for Android in November 2023, and early this year, information about the gameplay was made public. The wait will be worth it since we can race against up to 40 other people, experience a full 24-hour day-and-night cycle, follow a unique plot with chapters, and drive legendary vehicles like the GTR Skyline.

Players may sign up for the game in China by visiting the Haoyou Kuaidao app store here and taking advantage of the open pre-registration period.

Need for Speed Online Mobile global launch will follow after China release​

Even if some fans were definitely thrilled about the idea of a mobile adaptation of the venerable racing series, finding out the specifics of its release naturally piques interest. However, it would not be appropriate to confirm the Need for Speed Mobile China release until the development team provides specific information on the release window and debut date.


However, in the unlikely event that the game makes its debut in China before going global, it may do so shortly after. Many games follow this pattern, with creators releasing the game first in a restricted area to test its functionality, get user input, and then launching it globally.

Additionally, we cannot rule out the chance that the game will be launched worldwide on the same day. There will undoubtedly be a wait, but it would be wonderful to have a play that is released in its whole soon.